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Picture of Rod Kemp

Rod Kemp

Assistant Treasurer

14 October 1996 - 25 November 2001


The Assistant Treasurer assists the Treasurer in the development, implementation and administration of policies in the following areas:

1. Taxation

  • detailed design of taxation laws;
  • administration of taxation laws and administrative matters relating to the Australian Taxation Office;
  • administration of the family tax arrangements, including the Family Assistance Office; and
  • taxation proposals in relation to compliance.

2. Superannuation

  • administration of superannuation laws, including in relation to taxation and other policy issues.

3. Foreign Investment

  • dealing with individual cases in accordance with broad guidelines determined by the Treasurer.

4. Structural Reform (other than Competition Policy)

  • structural reform issues not handled by the Treasurer, including in relation to the Productivity Commission and the Office of Regulation Review.

5. Representational duties, correspondence and administrative matters in general Portfolio matters as referred by the Treasurer.