The Crest of the Commonwealth of Australia Treasury Portfolio Ministers
Picture of Ian Campbell

Ian Campbell

Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer

27 November 2001 - 6 October 2003

Portfolio Responsibilities

Assists the Treasurer in the development, implementation and administration of policies in the following areas:

Financial Markets

  • Financial market conduct, disclosure investor protection and supervision issues (excluding prudential, monetary and foreign exchange policy) including the design, implementation and administration of legislation relating to markets, services and products; and
  • Financial market linkages between Australia and overseas.

Corporate Governance

  • Design of law and regulations for corporate governance, insolvency, accounting and audit regulation; and
  • Administration of Australian Securities and Investments Commission and representation on MINCO.

Foreign Investment

  • Dealing with individual cases, other than major and / or sensitive cases.

Competition and Consumer Policy

  • Administration of Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and the Productivity Commission.
  • Responsibility for implementation and administration of consumer policy and consultative arrangements with the States and industry bodies.

Other responsibilities

  • Representational duties, correspondence and administrative matters in general Portfolio matters as referred by the Treasurer; and
  • Australian Bureau of Statistics, Housing Loans Insurance Corporation; Royal Australian Mint; currency and coinage; and Office of Regulation Review.