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Picture of Mal Brough

Mal Brough

Minister for Revenue and Assistant Treasurer

18 July 2004 - 26 January 2006

Portfolio - Minister for Revenue and Assistant Treasurer

Assists the Treasurer in the development, implementation and administration of policies, including in the following areas:


The design of taxation laws;
Administration of taxation laws and administrative matters relating to the Australian Taxation Office; and
Taxation proposals in relation to compliance.


Taxation policy and administration in relation to superannuation.
Prudential Regulation and Financial Institutions
Administration of the Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority;

Prudential regulation of superannuation and insurance but not the banking system;

HIH Claims Support; and
Levies on financial institutions; cheques and bills of exchange.

Insurance Issues

Availability and affordability of insurance including: professional indemnity; public liability; terrorism; medical indemnity; natural disasters; and home-builders warranty insurance
Chairing of the Ministerial Meeting on Insurance Issues.

Financial Literacy

Ministerial responsibility for achieving Government objectives in regard to financial literacy in raising public awareness and fostering initiatives that will build the capacity of Australians to make better decisions about their money.

Other Responsibilities

Representational duties, correspondence and administrative matters in general Portfolio matters as referred by the Treasurer.