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Joe Hockey

The Minister for Financial Services and Regulation

21 October 1998 - 26 November 2001

Media Release of 27/02/2001

NO. FSR/009


Wayne Swan is at it again telling half truths about prices, misleading Kim Beazley and misleading the Australian public.

The latest whopper is in his January Price Watch where he says prices rose because of the GST.

Sorry Wayne, but 20 of the 28 items surveyed are GST-free.

Why doesn't the recycled Labor frontbencher give the full picture and declare that for the last three Price Watch surveys in 2000, prices were lower than before the GST was introduced.

Wayne Swan is misleading the people of Lilley. He is misleading his leader Kim Beazley and he is misleading the Australian public.

Australian consumers deserve better.

27 February 2001

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