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Ian Campbell

Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer

27 November 2001 - 6 October 2003

Media Release of 11/05/2003



Eight bills are listed for debate in the Senate during next week's three-day Budget sitting.

They are:

  • The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation Legislation Amendment (Terrorism) Bill, rejected by the Senate on 13 December last year. It is listed for debate on Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • The Terrorism Insurance Bill 2002, which establishes a replacement terrorism insurance scheme following the progressive withdrawal of terrorism cover by insurance and reinsurance companies.
  • The Family and Community Services Legislation Amendment (Disability Reform) Bill 2002, which changes qualification conditions for people seeking disabled pension benefits. This was rejected by the Senate on 19 November last year.
  • The Wheat Marketing Amendment Bill 2002, which sets up a funding mechanism for the wheat industry to meet operational costs of the Wheat Export Authority.
  • The following non-controversial legislation is listed:
  • Criminal Code Amendment (Terrorism) Bill 2002.
  • Superannuation Legislation (Commonwealth Employment) Repeal and Amendment Bill 2002.
  • Health and Ageing Legislation Amendment Bill 2002.
  • Health Legislation Amendment Bill 2003.

"Although the main political focus this week will be on the Budget, the Senate will be continuing to work through its heavy program," Senator Campbell said.

"It's important this week's legislation is dealt with because there will be other legislation stemming from the Budget that will need to be addressed before 30 June."


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