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Helen Coonan

Minister for Revenue and Assistant Treasurer

26 November 2001 - 17 July 2004

Media Release of 20/04/2004


20 April 2004


Gifts of $2 or more made to the Albert Coates Memorial Trust will continue to be tax deductible until 30January2006, Minister for Revenue and Assistant Treasurer, Senator Helen Coonan, announced today.

The Albert Coates Memorial Trust raises funds to establish “living memorials” to honour Sir Albert Coates who served in two World Wars with distinction.

“The Trust ensures the legacy of Sir Albert and his meritorious service lives on by not only building physical memorials to him but by assisting the broader Ballarat community,” Senator Coonan said.

Among other activities, the Trust has built a statue of Sir Albert in the city of Ballarat and funds scholarships each year to medical graduates and other students in the Ballarat community.

“By inspiring and educating young Australians, the Trust ensures the service and dedication of Sir Albert is not forgotten,” Senator Coonan said.

Tax deductions for gifts to the Fund will now apply from 31January2002 until 30January2006.

Legislation to give effect to this announcement will be introduced as soon as practicable.

Taxpayers should ensure they receive a receipt for their donation.