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Peter Dutton

Minister for Revenue and the Assistant Treasurer

27 January 2006 - 3 December 2007

Media Release of 12/03/2007


Monday, 12 March 2007

Draft Amendments to the Corporations Regulations 2001 to Support the Simplified Superannuation Reforms

The Minister for Revenue and Assistant Treasurer, Peter Dutton, today released for public comment further draft regulations supporting the Simplified Superannuation reforms.

These draft regulations propose amendments to the Corporations Regulations 2001 to ensure that superannuation providers allocate taxation offsets arising from the quotation of a member’s tax file number to the member’s superannuation or retirement savings account. 

The draft regulations also propose minor amendments to the Corporations Regulations 2001 to update references and superannuation terminology as a result of the Simplified Superannuation reforms.

The Government invites parties to provide comments on the draft regulations by 12 April 2007.  The draft regulations are available from the website,

Comments can be sent to the following address:

General Manager
Superannuation, Retirement and Savings Division
The Treasury
Langton Crescent


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