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11 March 1996 - 3 December 2007

Media Release of 15/10/2007



The Government will provide an additional $446 million to the Australian Taxation Office over a four year period, starting from 1 July 2008.

The additional resources will enable the Tax Office to provide taxpayers with better and more targeted help and education products to assist with more accurate self assessment; allow a greater focus on prevention of non-compliance by early detection and advice on taxpayer obligations; improve intelligence and early risk detection (including through data mining and strategic risk research); and allow for increased and more targeted enforcement activity.

These activities are a part of the Tax Office Compliance Programme, which aims to support high levels of voluntary compliance with Australia’s tax and superannuation laws across the community.  Additional resources will ensure the programme has an appropriate balance between help and education and compliance activity across segments and, with the integration of new and experienced staff, enhance the Tax Office skill base.

The Commissioner has advised that as a result of this measure revenue collections are expected to increase by $3.7 billion over four years.

15 October 2007

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