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3 December 2007 - 27 June 2013

18 April 2008


2008-09 Budget Lock-Up

The Treasurer will deliver the 2008-09 Budget on Tuesday 13 May 2008, with his Budget Speech beginning in the House of Representatives of the Federal Parliament at 7.30pm (AEST).

Prior to the Budget Speech, Budget material will be available to accredited and approved members of media organisations in a secure lock-up in Parliament House, Canberra. The lock-up will start at 1.30pm (AEST) and will finish when the Treasurer begins his Budget Speech at 7.30pm.

The lock-up will be conducted under the same conditions as applied to the 2007-08 Budget lock-up, set out below.

Applying for Access to the Budget Lock-Up

Media organisations are invited to apply to the Treasury for access to the Budget lock-up by submitting the names and positions of employees seeking access by 5pm on Friday 2 May 2008. Applications should be sent by email to Tony Murray (

As space in the lock-up is limited, media organisations should restrict their applications to the minimum number of essential employees only.

As in previous years, participating media organisations will bear their own costs of participation and attendance.

Requirements for Access to the Budget Lock-Up

Access to the lock-up area will be available until 12 noon on Budget day to allow media organisations to set up equipment and, again from 1.30pm when the secure lock-up commences. Budget material will not be made available until 1.30pm.

Prior to entry to the lock-up area, approved attendees will need to provide proof of employment and sign, and have witnessed by a Treasury official, a 'Form of Undertaking'. A sample copy of the Undertaking is attached.

All applicants need to read the Undertaking carefully before signing it. Please note that a breach of the Undertaking may amount to a breach of section 79(3) of the Crimes Act 1914, a copy of which is attached.

Security in the Lock-Up

Lock-up arrangements are provided for members of media organisations in good faith. Accordingly, approved attendees are requested to observe the following conditions.

  • Attendees may not make contact with anyone outside the lock-up area prior to the start of the Treasurer's Budget Speech (authorised communications to secured sub-lock-ups excepted).
  • Budget information may not be broadcast, published or made publicly available before it is announced by the Treasurer in his Budget Speech or before the end of the Treasurer's Budget Speech (whichever comes first).
  • Equipment capable of transmitting information outside the lock-up is not permitted in the lock-up, unless specifically approved by the Treasury in writing. This includes cellular/digital telephones, pagers, handsets, computers and personal data assistants (PDAs). Secure storage facilities will be available outside the lock-up area.
  • Please note that as has occurred in previous years, the lock-up area will be monitored for non-authorised transmissions and all attendees will be required to pass through a metal detector before entering the lock-up area. This may cause some congestion and delay which attendees and organisations should take into account.
  • Once the lock-up commences at 1.30pm, attendees may not leave the lock-up area until the Treasurer's Budget Speech starts at 7.30pm, except in the case of emergency.
  • Smoking is not permitted in any part of the lock-up area, and attendees will not be permitted into smoking areas during the lock-up.
  • Attendees will be required to vacate the lock-up area by 9pm.

Secured Sub-Lock-Ups

Major print media organisations can also apply to the Treasury to establish and use secure landlines to secured sub-lock-ups located within group headquarters for sub-editorial purposes only.

As in previous years, entry to authorised sub-lock-ups is restricted to sub-editorial staff only – journalists are not permitted inside sub-lock-ups.

Sub-lock-up arrangements will be supervised by a Treasury official or other designated Commonwealth official for the duration of the lock-up.

Any communication between the lock-up and a secured sub-lock-up requires security encryption by means of encryption equipment authorised by the Treasury.

Print media organisations applying for a secured sub-lock-up should contact Mr Nestor Palma (Voice Communications) on (02) 6263 3863, fax (02) 6263 2869 or email to arrange all secure encrypted data, voice or fax line requirements.

Budget Documentation

The Budget documents, including the Treasurer's speech, will be available in hard-copy and electronic form inside the lock-up area from 1.30pm and in electronic form on the Budget website ( from 7.30pm (AEST) on Budget day. The site also includes details of how to purchase budget documents interstate.

The Budget and associated documents can also be purchased in Canberra at CanPrint Communication Pty Ltd (16, Nyrang Street, Fyshwick) from 7.30 pm (AEST) on Budget day.

Any general questions about the lock-up should be directed to Tony Murray (02 6263 3736) or Michael Price (02 6263 2971) at the Treasury.

18 April 2008


Form for Undertaking [PDF 80KB]