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Wayne Swan

Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer

3 December 2007 - 27 June 2013

28 July 2009


Joint Media Release
The Prime Minister
The Premier of Queensland

Funding for Medical Research Announced

The Australian Government today made an historic medical research funding announcement with the Queensland Government and Atlantic Philanthropies.

Treasurer Wayne Swan and Premier Anna Bligh joined with Atlantic Philanthropies' founder Mr Chuck Feeney at the Queensland Institute of Medial Research where it was announced Atlantic Philanthropies would give a record $102 million to world-leading research projects.

Atlantic Philanthropies' $102 million will be allocated across the following projects:

  • $50 million towards the $354 million Translational Research Institute Queensland at the Princess Alexandra Hospital;
  • $27.5 million towards the Queensland Institute of Medical Research's Smart State Medical Research Centre; and
  • $25 million towards QUT's Hub for Sustainable and Secure Infrastructure.

The Rudd Government has committed $325 million to these research projects and the Queensland Government has committed $177 million.

The Government will provide a further $55 million towards the expansion of the Smart State Medical Research Centre's laboratory and research facilities at the Queensland Institute of Medical Research (QIMR), bringing the Government's total commitment to this project to $110 million.

Support from Atlantic Philanthropies of $27.5 million and $35 million from the Queensland Government will ensure that construction of these new facilities can begin immediately.

The expansion involves the construction of a new flagship 13 storey 23,000 m2 building that includes ten dedicated floors of laboratory and research facilities and one floor for education and teaching programs.

The building will enhance recruitment of Australia's next generation of researchers and technicians and provide additional capacity for collaborative research.

Mr Feeney has proven himself over a long period of time to be a great supporter of medical research in Australia and especially in Queensland.

This contribution is one of the biggest single donations in Australian history and it will make a very important difference in our efforts to conquer debilitating and life-threatening diseases.

Partnerships between the Australian Government, the Queensland Government and Atlantic Philanthropies show how much can be achieved when Governments and corporate philanthropists work co-operatively.

This is a clear demonstration of how governments and private organisations can work together to invest in important infrastructure projects - these investments will leave a long lasting benefit for the economy and improve future health outcomes for Australians.

The Rudd Government applauds the important and generous philanthropic contributions of Atlantic Philanthropies to many research institutions in Australia over many years.

28 July 2009