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Nick Sherry

Assistant Treasurer

9 June 2009 - 14 September 2010

Media Release of 13/11/2009


Project Wickenby Web Portal Launched

The Assistant Treasurer, Senator Nick Sherry, today announced the launch of an information web portal for the community to access information on Project Wickenby, the Government's anti-tax crime taskforce.

Project Wickenby is tasked with prosecuting and preventing the use and promotion of secrecy havens.

Project Wickenby has been allocated $430 million through to 2012-13 to achieve this critical task and to date has already raised $462.72 million in tax liabilities.

"Project Wickenby is a massive investment in the integrity and fairness of our tax system, and to date it has already raised almost half a billion in tax liabilities" said the Assistant Treasurer.

"Tax crime is a crime against the vast majority of Australians who pay their fair share of taxes and rightly expect others to do the same."

"So it is important that the community understands what the Government is doing to combat tax crime."

"This new web portal will make accessing the latest Project Wickenby information and achievements much easier for the community."

"I strongly encourage the community to log on and learn about a critical project that is working hard to protect the revenue base and thus the Government's ability to deliver important community services and investment."

The website, which is available at, includes:

  • the very latest updates and results on the project;
  • details of activities and investigations;
  • information on prosecutions and court judgements;
  • background to Project Wickeny, including its history, context and objectives; and
  • details on how Project Wickenby is increasing voluntary compliance.

The other departments and agencies that make up the Project Wickenby taskforce are: the Attorney-General's Department, the Australian Crime Commission, the Australian Federal Police, the Australian Government Solicitor, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre and the Commonwealth Department of Public Prosecutions.

"Both I and the other Rudd Government Ministers involved in this project, including the Treasurer, the Attorney-General, the Minister for Financial Services, Superannuation and Corporate Law and the Minister for Home Affairs, congratulate the agencies for the outcomes of Project Wickenby to date," said the Assistant Treasurer.

13 November 2009