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David Bradbury

Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer

14 September 2010 - 5 March 2012

Media Release of 24/09/2010


Launch of the Australian Consumer Law Website
and Release of Draft Regulations

A new website to help consumers and businesses navigate Australia's first single set of national consumer laws was launched today to coincide with the release of the draft Australian Consumer Law (ACL) Regulations for consultation by the Hon. David Bradbury MP, Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer.

As the newly appointed Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer, responsible for competition policy and consumer affairs, Mr Bradbury has released the ACL Regulations and draft Guides for consultation, ensuring the Gillard Government is on track to deliver the biggest reform to consumer laws in a generation by 1 January 2011.

The ACL will replace the many state and territory consumer laws with a single national set of consumer rights and business rules.

"Today, we are releasing for public comment the draft ACL Regulations and draft Guides on Australia's first ever set of national consumer laws. This is the biggest reform to consumer laws in decades and we are focused on delivering consistent consumer rights across the nation by 1 January 2011."

"We are keen to ensure that businesses and consumers have the opportunity to comment on the ACL Regulations and Guides and I encourage people to get involved. It is important that businesses know about the new rules and that consumers are aware of their rights."

The ACL will deliver a range of benefits, for example, bringing in a simpler set of statutory consumer guarantees that businesses must honour when selling goods and services. This means that people can have greater clarity about their rights regarding faulty products or sub-standard services and how best to protect those rights.

"The ACL will replace many small differences in existing state and territory consumer laws with a single national approach. A single national law will be simpler and easier for business to comply with and provide consumers with greater certainty about their rights," Mr Bradbury said.

"Under the ACL, businesses and consumers will be subject to the same set of laws right across the country whether they be in Adelaide or Alice Springs, or Bondi or Broome".

Mr Bradbury also launched a new website about the Australian Consumer Law,

" will be an important source of information and guidance on the new law and how it will be implemented in the coming months, as well as a forum for consultation," Mr Bradbury said. gives information about:

  • how the ACL is being implemented;
  • how the ACL will be enforced by Australia's consumer law regulators;
  • consultation on draft ACL regulations and draft guides on the ACL; and
  • consumer policy in Australia and internationally.

"In the coming months, will provide more information about the ACL for consumers and businesses and I encourage people to subscribe to the website to keep up to date with developments and to contribute to the consultation process." Mr Bradbury said.

Comments on the draft ACL Regulations are due by Wednesday, 13 October 2010. For more information about how to make a submission on the draft ACL Regulations and the draft ACL guides, please visit the Public Consultations page on

"The Australian Consumer Law will provide real and lasting benefits for all Australians. You can find out more by visiting," Mr Bradbury said.

24 September 2010