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David Bradbury

Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer

14 September 2010 - 5 March 2012

Media Release of 15/06/2011


Gillard Government Supports Responsible Corporate Reporting

The Gillard Government is supporting responsible corporate reporting in Australia by providing $400,000 in funding over the next two years to the Global Reporting Initiative Focal Point Australia, said Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer, David Bradbury.

The Focal Point is the product of a 2008 agreement between the Global Reporting Initiative and Australian hosts the St James Ethics Centre. The Focal Point promotes world's best practice reporting of environmental, social and governance issues by Australian corporations.

This funding builds on the $2.59 million the Federal Government has already provided to the St James Ethics Centre and the Focal Point.

"The Gillard Government values the work of the Focal Point in encouraging Australian companies to demonstrate good corporate citizenship and responsible business practices," said Mr Bradbury.

"Corporate social responsibility can make a significant contribution to the long-term profitability of companies.

"Australian companies are increasingly reflecting the demand from investors and the broader community for more information about how they respond to issues of environmental and social responsibility by including this information in their reporting to markets.

"The Focal Point provides Australian companies with important resources and support services to promote the development of integrated reporting.

"Australia has a good reputation as a country that promotes corporate social responsibility, and the Gillard Government is proud to be supporting initiatives that will continue to help companies to improve their business practices."

15 June 2011