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Wayne Swan

Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer

3 December 2007 - 27 June 2013

10 July 2011


Joint Media Release with
Prime Minister
Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency

Securing a Clean Energy Future for Australia

Prime Minister Julia Gillard, Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer Wayne Swan and Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency Greg Combet today announced the Gillard Government's plan for a clean energy future.

Scientific evidence has confirmed our planet is warming. And after years of debate and deliberation, most Australians agree the time to act is now.

Australians want to do the right thing by the environment. We are a confident, creative nation that's up to the challenges of tackling climate change.

That is why the Gillard Government is implementing a comprehensive plan for a clean energy future for our nation. Under our plan, Australia will cut 159 million tonnes a year of carbon pollution from our atmosphere by 2020. That is the equivalent of taking over 45 million cars off the road.

The comprehensive plan announced today to reduce carbon pollution and secure a clean energy future includes:

  • putting a price on carbon pollution
  • promoting innovation and investment in renewable energy
  • improving energy efficiency
  • creating opportunities in the land sector to cut pollution.

The Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer Wayne Swan said the carbon price is a fundamental economic reform that will help maintain our living standards and future competitiveness as the world moves to tackle climate change.

The carbon price will change Australia's electricity generation by encouraging investment in renewable energy like wind and solar power, and the use of cleaner fuels like natural gas.

Households will be looked after with tax cuts, higher family payments and increases in pensions and benefits, to help meet the costs passed through by some businesses.

Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency Greg Combet said the Government is committed to supporting jobs as the economy is transformed. That is why we will support industries like steel, food processing and the broader manufacturing sector.

Carbon pricing is a reform we need to make to keep our economy competitive, to protect our environment and to do the right thing for our children and future generations.

With this plan, the Gillard Government is acting to help Australia meet the environmental and economic challenges of competing in a low-pollution world.

Further information about the Gillard Government's clean energy future and carbon price announcement is available at

10 July 2011