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Wayne Swan

Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer

3 December 2007 - 27 June 2013

4 May 2012

Prime Minister to host Economic Forum

A major forum on the Australian economy will be held next month to continue the national discussion on the challenges to our economy posed by the high dollar, and how we can keep our economy strong into the future.

Up to 150 business representatives, industry bodies, unions and community organisations, as well as state and territory governments, will be invited to the Economic Forum.

The Forum will be hosted by the Prime Minister, together with the Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer, in June in Brisbane.

The Prime Minister will open the Forum, with sessions to address these key issues:

  • Australia in the Asian Century;
  • The dollar and its impact;
  • Skills and education;
  • Investment in productive infrastructure;
  • Competition and deregulation agenda; and
  • Innovation and collaboration.

Our economy is among the strongest in the world - we have solid growth, low unemployment, contained inflation, very low debt and a record investment pipeline - and we have a bright future in the fastest growing part of the global economy.

Forum participants will discuss how best to keep our economy strong into the future.

Participants at the Prime Minister's Economic Forum will discuss the challenges of structural transition occurring in our economy, such as the impacts of a sustained higher dollar, as the weight of global economic power shifts to our region.

The Forum will also include discussion of the opportunities presented by major public policy reforms, such as the clean energy package, NBN, skills and tax reform, and how these measures can improve Australia's competitiveness and productivity.

The Forum will also be an opportunity to discuss progress on a range of key economic policy priorities, such as the Australia in the Asian Century White Paper, the Prime Minister's Manufacturing Taskforce, the Business Tax Working Group and the COAG Business Advisory Forum on deregulation.

The Prime Minister's Economic Forum will be held in Brisbane on 12 and 13 June.

The Prime Minister will deliver a keynote economic speech to a working dinner on 12 June, with the full day Economic Forum to be held on 13 June.

Further details on the Forum will be released in coming weeks.