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Wayne Swan

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3 December 2007 - 27 June 2013

20 June 2012

New payments for families with school kids starts today

Joint media release with
Jenny Mcklin MP
Minister for Families, Community Services
and Indigenour Affairs
Minister for Diability Reform

Gai Brodtmann MP
Member for Canberra

1.3 million families from across Australia will today begin receiving the Gillard Government's Schoolkids Bonus in their bank accounts to help with school costs.

The Acting Prime Minister, Wayne Swan and the Minister for Families, Jenny Macklin, joined the Member for Canberra, Gai Brodtmann at Hughes Primary School this morning to speak to local families and children about the payments going out to families.

All families receiving their Family Tax Benefit Part A fortnightly will receive $409 for each child in primary school and $818 for each child in high school between now and the end of June. This is the full amount of the Education Tax Refund for 2011-12.

This payment will be paid straight into families' bank accounts as part of the transition from the Education Tax Refund to the new Schoolkids Bonus.

14,000 ACT families are set to benefit from the payment, along with more than 400,000 New South Wales families, 308,000 Victorian families, 280,000 Queensland families, almost 120,000 Western Australian families and 96,000 South Australian families.

It will help families pay for uniforms, books, school excursions, stationery, and other costs like music lessons and sports registration fees.

We know that many families weren't getting their full entitlement under the Education Tax Refund.

Under the old system, 80 per cent of families weren't claiming what they're entitled to - they either claimed less than the full amount, or claimed nothing at all.

The new Schoolkids Bonus will give families all their money when they need it, before schools starts.

Replacing the old system with the Schoolkids Bonus means one million families across Australia will receive more cash - a typical family will get more than $720 extra each year.[i]

Here in Canberra 90 per cent of eligible families will get more money than ever before.

We understand that low and middle income families are finding it tough to make ends meet. This payment and the new Schoolkids Bonus will give parents extra help to balance the family budget.

For more information visit Department of Human Services website  or call 132 468.

States Families to benefit Schoolkids to benefit Total money going to families
NSW 401,200 706,150 $418 million
VIC 308,850 543,650 $323 million
QLD 280,900 494,450 $291 million
WA 119,900 211,000 $124 million
SA 96,500 170,000 $101 million
TAS 34,800 61,150 $37 million
NT 15,700 27,650 $16 million
ACT 14,000 24,700 $15 million
Total 1,271,850 2,238,750 $1.3 billion


[i] This is based on a family with one child in primary school child and one in high school.