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David Bradbury

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5 March 2012 - 18 September 2013

Media Release of 22/05/2013


Coalition confirms: Everything on the table in tax review

Prominent Coalition Senator Fiona Nash has today confirmed that Tony Abbott's tax review will look at changes that have previously been ruled out or opposed.

Senator Nash, when questioned about whether the abolition of negative gearing would be looked at as part of Tony Abbott's tax review, said everything would be on the table:

So obviously if we're fortunate enough to win government we're going to have to look at everything.


This would include changes like:

  • Applying capital gains tax to the family home
  • Re-introducing death taxes
  • Abolishing negative gearing
  • Paring back the indexation of the age pension

And of course, Mr Abbott and senior Coalition frontbenchers have left the door wide open for their review to look at jacking up the rate of the GST, broadening its base or changing the way it is distributed.

The Gillard Government supports sensible tax reform while the Coalition are intent on hiding their real plans from the Australian people.

22 May 2013