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5 March 2012 - 18 September 2013

Media Release of 19/06/2013


NSW Liberals call on Tony Abbott to jack up GST

The New South Wales Liberal Government has again called for a higher rate, broader base and a different distribution method for the GST.

Premier Barry O'Farrell told the John Laws radio program in Sydney today that there should be "another look at the way in which GST is levied across the states".

This follows on from Mr O'Farrell's earlier call for Tony Abbott to look at the GST in his proposed tax review:

"I think all options should be on the table: broadening the base, looking at the rate, and also the rebates back to the states."


Business leaders have today admitted that they are living on a promise from the NSW Liberals that there will be changes to the GST.

Despite raking in record GST revenue, the NSW Liberals want to hit families even harder.

NSW Treasurer Mike Baird is already counting on extra revenue because Barry O'Farrell and Mr Abbott are working on a plan to increase the rate and broaden the base of the GST.

They are champing at the bit to jack up the GST, meaning higher prices for families on things like fresh food, school fees and health products, and more red tape for small businesses.

Tony Abbott was part of a Liberal Government that introduced the GST and now they want a chance to jack it up.

The Government opposes any change to the rate or base of the GST and the Government commissioned an independent review of GST distribution which found the current system of Horizontal Fiscal Equalisation works well.

Mr Abbott and his Liberal mates, however, are waiting for the opportunity to jack up the GST and slug Australians in the hip pocket.

19 June 2013