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Peter Costello


11 March 1996 - 3 December 2007

Transcript of 3/07/07

Doorstop Interview

Opposition Leader’s Courtyard
Parliament House, Canberra

Tuesday, 3 July 2007
10.15 am

SUBJECTS: Phil Gaetjens


On Friday night, Phil Gaetjens was badly injured in a car accident.  He is in a critical condition in The Canberra Hospital.  I want to thank the doctors and the staff at The Canberra Hospital for the care they are giving him.  It is first rate and I went out to thank them this morning.  I want to thank all of the people who have sent their wishes and support to the family and to him at this time, it means a lot to the family.  I want to thank the police for the investigation which has led to an arrest.  I will not say anything about that for obvious reasons, that is a matter for the courts.

Finally I want to say to Phil’s wife, Cath, and his son, Jack, that our thoughts and our prayers are with them at this very difficult time.  They have a lot of friends and a lot of support who are wishing that Phil will make a full recovery.


Is the news from the hospital today any better, Treasurer?


He is in a critical condition.  He is in a coma.  He is receiving excellent medical care.  The full extent of his injuries cannot be known until he comes out of a coma and that may be some time.  Thank you.