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Bill Shorten

Assistant Treasurer and Minister for Financial Services & Superannuation

14 September 2010 - 14 December 2011

2010 Media Releases

2010 | 2011

029 31/12/2010 Protecting Consumers from Shonky Credit
028 18/12/2010 The Future of Australian Retail
027 17/12/2010 Government Provides Investment Certainty by Addressing 'Fin 48' Issue
026 17/12/2010 ATO Decision Impact Statement on Anstis
025 16/12/2010 Farmers Benefit with Changes to Trust Laws
024 16/12/2010 Government super reforms mean more money in retirement
023 10/12/2010 Simplifying GST Rules on Property
022 09/12/2010 Montserrat and the Republic of Mauritius Help Australia Fight Tax Evasion
021 07/12/2010 Release of Discussion Paper on Tax Relief for Consolidated Groups That Undertake Demergers
020 30/11/2010 Improved Protections for Taxpayer Privacy
019 29/11/2010 Easing the Transition into Taxation of Financial Arrangements (TOFA) Stages 3 and 4
018 29/11/2010 Regulating Financial Planners Who Provide Tax Agent Services
017 24/11/2010 Inspector-General's Report on Administration of Private Binding Rulings and Consultation on Oral Rulings System
016 24/11/2010 Government and Inspector-General Of Taxation See Eye-to-Eye on Providing Strongest Ever Protection for Workers' Super
015 24/11/2010 Government Announces Financial Advice Advisory Panel Membership
014 24/11/2010 Volunteer Fire Brigades and Mary Mackillop Fund Among Many to Benefit from Improvements to Tax Legislation
013 19/11/2010 Making Sure Your Donation Counts - Public Ancillary Fund Improvements
012 18/11/2010 Release of Discussion Paper on 'Improving the Operation of the Anti-Avoidance Provisions in the Income Tax Laws'
011 18/11/2010 Providing Certainty for the Taxation of Fly-In/Fly-Out Employees Working Overseas
010 11/11/2010 High Court Decision in Commissoner of Taxation V Anstis
009 01/11/2010 New Regulations Clarify the Coverage of the Tax Agent Services Regime
008 25/10/2010 Regional Talks Start on Asia Region Funds Passport
007 24/10/2010 Release of National Survey into Community Attitudes and Values Towards Superannuation
006 20/10/2010 Consultations on Native Title Agreements and Payments
005 20/10/2010 Release of Consultation Paper on GST-Free Export of Boats
004 18/10/2010 Release of Discussion Paper on Implementation of the New Tax System for Managed Investment Trusts
003 15/10/2010 Release of Discussion Paper on Alternative Fuels Taxation
002 30/09/2010 Benchmark Report Confirms Australia's Strong Standing as a Financial Services Centre
001 21/09/2010 Tackling Problem Gambling