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Chris Bowen

Assistant Treasurer and Minister for Competition Policy and Consumer Affairs

3 December 2007 - 8 June 2009

2008 Media Releases

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110 22/12/2008 CHOICE to Provide Expertise in Managing GroceryChoice
109 18/12/2008 Government moves to ensure consumers don't pay GST on ATM fees
108 18/12/2008 Appointments to the Productivity Commission
107 18/12/2008 Rudd Government Moves to Make Administrative Changes to Foreign Investment Review Process
106 16/12/2008 Families Urged to Keep Children's Safety in Mind in Lead Up to Christmas
105 12/12/2008 Appointments to the Australian Competition Tribunal
104 11/12/2008 Bowen Launches Choice's Report on Good Practice in Consumer Protection Enforcement
103 04/12/2008 Government Introduces Major Reform of Taxation of Financial Arrangements
102 03/12/2008 Bowen Introduces Cartels Legislation into Parliament
101 26/11/2008 Improving the Integrity of Prescribed Private Funds - Consultation Paper Released
100 20/11/2008 Tax Consultation Enhanced Through Launch of Tax Issues Entry System
099 13/11/2008 Bill To Regulate the Provision of Tax Agent Services
098 13/11/2008 Australia Rated Highly on Transparent Policy Making
097 12/11/2008 Coalition Votes to Keep Motorists in the Dark
096 12/11/2008 Release of Board of Taxation Study on Small Business Compliance Costs
095 12/11/2008 Consumers the Winners with Clarity in Pricing
094 07/11/2008 Parallel Import Restrictions on Books to be Reviewed
093 06/11/2008 Bowen Warns Parents to Tread Carefully
092 31/10/2008 Government Abolishes Trust Cloning Tax Concession
091 30/10/2008 Rudd Government Seeks Views on Film Tax Offset Regime
090 29/10/2008 Release of Inspector-General of Taxation Report into The Tax Office's Management of Major Complex Issues
089 28/10/2008 Australia and the British Virgin Islands Conclude Tax Information Exchange Agreement
088 28/10/2008 Australia and The British Virgin Islands Conclude Tax Information Exchange Agreement
087 27/10/2008 Rudd Government to Introduce Legislation Criminalising Cartels
086 24/10/2008 Capital Gains Tax Relief for the Demutualisation of Friendly Societies
085 22/10/2008 Australia Joins in Global Effort to Crack Down on Tax Havens
084 20/10/2008 New Productivity Commission Inquiry into Gambling
083 01/10/2008 Appointment of a New Petrol Commissioner
082 01/10/2008 Taxation of Financial Arrangements (TOFA) Stages 3 and 4
081 26/09/2008 Appointment of the Chair and Panel of Experts to Lead the Governments Initiative to Position Australia as a Leading Financial Services Centre in the Asia-Pacific Region
080 25/09/2008 Australia as a Financial Services Hub - Government Introduces Amendments to Reform Division 6C
079 25/09/2008 Government Introduces Clarity in Pricing Bill
078 22/09/2008 Mandatory Safety Standard For Reduced Fire Risk Cigarettes
077 18/09/2008 New Zealand to Collect Australian Tax Debt
076 18/09/2008 Appointment of Ali Noroozi as Inspector-General of Taxation
075 16/09/2008 Turnbull Fails Australian Businesses on Biggest Reform to the Trade Practices Act in Over 20 Years
074 12/09/2008 Federal Government to Consult on Unit Pricing
073 01/09/2008 Appointments to the Australian Reinsurance Pool Corporation
072 01/09/2008 Government Takes First Step Towards Creeping Acquisitions Law to Promote Competition
071 28/08/2008 Note to Federal Coalition: Listen to Colin Barnett on how to help consumers
070 27/08/2008 Taking Action, Gaining Trust - Indigenous Consumer Affairs Improved by National Action Plan
069 22/08/2008 Release of Tax Design Review Panel's Report Better Tax Design and Implementation
068 22/08/2008 ACCC Examination of Fertiliser Prices
067 20/08/2008 Consumer Alert - Mobile Phone Premium Services
066 15/08/2008 Consumers The Winners as Ministers Take Next Step Towards A National Consumer Law
065 05/08/2008 Rudd Government Releases its Preliminary Action Plan in Response to the ACCC's Grocery Inquiry
064 04/08/2008 Inspector-General of Taxation
063 01/08/2008 Commonwealth & NSW Work to Advance Financial Services
062 01/08/2008 Government Seeks Views on Non-Forestry Managed Investment Schemes
061 31/07/2008 Resignation of Mr Pat Walker as Petrol Commissioner
060 31/07/2008 Government Receives ACCC Grocery Prices Report
059 31/07/2008 Government and Industry Set the Agenda for Australia to Become a Financial Services Hub
058 29/07/2008 Consultation on Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) - Jointly Held Assets
057 23/07/2008 Appointments to the Australian Energy Regulator
056 23/07/2008 Australia as a Financial Services Hub - Government Commences Consultation on Draft Legisation to Reform Division 6c
055 22/07/2008 Appointments to the Australian Competition Tribunal
054 22/07/2008 Bowen Appoints Expert Consumer Advisory Panel
053 21/07/2008 New Tax Laws Bill Introduced
052 11/07/2008 Australian Government Announces the ACCC's Leadership Team
051 01/07/2008 Government Releases 2008-09 Financial Sector Levy Rates
050 30/06/2008 Appointment of Second Commissioner of Taxation
049 26/06/2008 Australia's Tax Treaties - Industry's Message to Government
048 26/06/2008 Government Introduces Into Parliament The Biggest Reform To The Trade Practices Act In Over 20 Years
047 25/06/2008 Sydney to Host Financial Services Hub Summit
046 20/06/2008 HIH Claims Support Scheme Nears Completion
045 20/06/2008 First Plank in Place on Road to Australia as a Regional Financial Hub
044 16/06/2008 Consumer Affairs Minister Moves To Ban 'Fire Footbags' From Public Use
043 15/06/2008 Consumer Watchdog Alerts Vulnerable Home Owners to Unscrupulous Business Practices
042 11/06/2008 Release of Inspector-General of Taxation's Review of GST Audits for Large Taxpayers
041 11/06/2008 Government Acts to Reduce GST Compliance Costs for Business
040 06/06/2008 Reappointment of Mr Ed Willett to the ACCC
039 29/05/2008 Government Releases Draft Legislation for Tax Agent Services Regime
038 27/05/2008 Nelson and Turnbull Stand in the Way of Motorists Benefiting From Fuelwatch
037 23/05/2008 MCCA Delivers A National Product Safety Framework
036 19/05/2008 Appointment of Dr Matthew Butlin to the Productivity Commission
035 14/05/2008 Taxation Test Case Funding Review Panel to be discontinued
034 13/05/2008 Family Trusts - Savings Measure
033 13/05/2008 Scrip for Scrip Roll-over Provisions and Corporate Restructures
032 13/05/2008 Increased Budget Funding for the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
031 08/05/2008 Review Of Australia's Consumer Policy Framework - Release Of The Productivity Commission Final Report
030 02/05/2008 Australia-Netherlands Antilles Tax Information Exchange Agreement Enters Into Force
029 02/05/2008 Medical Indemnity Insurance: Fifth Monitoring Report
028 02/05/2008 Appointment of Ms Sarah Court to ACCC
027 28/04/2008 Rudd Government acts to strengthen laws to promote fair competition
026 24/04/2008 Appointments to the Australian Reinsurance Pool Corporation
025 23/04/2008 Government Looks to Increase Competition Across the Economy with Changes to Foreign Investment Rules
024 16/04/2008 The Benefits of a National Fuelwatch Scheme Put At Risk by Liberal Party
023 15/04/2008 A National Fuelwatch Scheme
022 09/04/2008 Inspector General of Taxation to be Retained as a Stand Alone Office
021 08/04/2008 Regulation of Direct Offshore Foreign Insurers - Limited Exemption Arrangements
020 01/04/2008 Australia Modernises Tax Treaty With South Africa
019 30/03/2008 Rudd Government Moves to Reveal Hidden Costs of Purchases
018 17/03/2008 Social Atlas Series brings 2006 Census to Life
017 12/03/2008 Board of Taxation Position Paper a Further Step to Making Australia a Financial Hub
016 06/03/2008 Approval of Deductible Gift Recipients
015 05/03/2008 Mandatory Safety Standard For Hot Water Bottles
014 05/03/2008 Inspector-General's Report Card Gives ATO Thumbs Up on Improvements to Tax Administration
013 26/02/2008 Demutualisation of Health Insurers
012 25/02/2008 Potential Revenue Bias In Private Binding Rulings: Inspector-General Report Released
011 24/02/2008 Shining the light on scams and fraud
010 22/02/2008 Board of Taxation to Review Tax Arrangements Applying to Managed Funds
009 21/02/2008 Mandatory Safety Standard for Portable Folding Cots
008 16/02/2008 Government Moves to Appoint Petrol Commissioner
007 13/02/2008 Government Introduces Tax Laws Amendment (2008 Measures No. 1) Bill 2008
006 08/02/2008 Tax Design Review Panel to Look at Ways to Streamline Process for Changing Tax Laws
005 01/02/2008 New Tax Treaty Signed With Japan
004 25/01/2008 Australia's Tax Treaty Negotiation Policy
003 22/01/2008 ACCC Inquiry Into Grocery Prices
002 11/01/2008 Jail Terms for Serious Cartel Conduct
001 11/01/2008 Tax Consolidation Rules Following Certain Capital Gains Tax (CGT) Roll-Overs