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Nick Sherry

Minister for Superannuation and Corporate Law

3 December 2007 - 8 June 2009

2009 Media Releases

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071 05/06/2009 Equity Derivatives in the Australian Market
070 05/06/2009 Minister Welcomes Roundtable Report On Ratings Users and Accepts Regulator Update on Licensing
069 05/06/2009 Full-Time Superannuation Complaints Tribunal Chair Appointed
068 04/06/2009 Appointments and Reappointments To The Financial Reporting Council
067 02/06/2009 Appointments and Reappointments to the Companies, Auditors and Liquidators Disciplinary Board
066 29/05/2009 Expert Panel and Terms of Reference for Review into the Governance, Efficiency and Structure and Operation of Australia’s Superannuation System
065 29/05/2009 Minister Releases Options Paper On Unsolicited Off-Market Share Offers
064 29/05/2009 Immediate Action on Unscrupulous Off-Market Share Offers
063 28/05/2009 Minister Presents Corporate Responsibility Index Awards
062 28/05/2009 Minister Launches Australian Network of the United Nations Global Compact
061 22/05/2009 Minister Welcomes Survey on Australia's Over-the-Counter Derivatives Markets
060 18/05/2009 New Disputes Schemes Guidelines a Boost for Consumers
059 18/05/2009 Watching Out for Superannuation Scams
058 12/05/2009 Further Enhancing the Capabilities of Australia's Corporate Regulator
057 12/05/2009 Assistance for Self Funded Retirees
056 12/05/2009 Improving Equity in Retirement
055 12/05/2009 Release of The Australia's Future Tax System Report into Retirement Incomes
054 09/05/2009 $2 Million Towards Burnie's West Park Sports Facility
053 07/05/2009 National Regulation of Trustee Companies
052 07/05/2009 Safe and Consistent Regulation of Debentures
051 07/05/2009 Details of Major Overhaul of Margin Lending Announced
050 06/05/2009 Government Welcomes ASIC's Leadership Role in Global Report on Unregulated Markets and Products
049 05/05/2009 Government Releases Termination Benefits Reform Bill
048 04/05/2009 Appointments to the Takeovers Panel
047 04/05/2009 Australia Holds Economic Talks with Indonesia, China and India on Global Recession and Regional Economic Architecture
046 03/05/2009 Australia Convenes Dialogue with Pacific Island Treasury and Finance Ministers
045 02/05/2009 Minister Sherry to Attend Annual General Meeting of the Asian Development Bank
044 30/04/2009 Re-Appointment of Members to the Superannuation Complaints Tribunal
043 30/04/2009 Minister Sherry Discusses Asia-Pacific Economy with Key Singaporean Cabinet Ministers
042 29/04/2009 Expansion of the Optional CGT Loss Roll Over for Complying Super Funds that Merge
041 28/04/2009 Communiqué of Principles for Superannuation
040 27/04/2009 Australia to Get World-Leading Credit Licensing Regime
039 27/04/2009 National Credit Market Slashes Red-Tape for Business
038 27/04/2009 New National Responsible Lending Laws
037 27/04/2009 Public Exposure of National Consumer Credit Protection Bill 2009
036 27/04/2009 New Hardship Threshold to Help Home Owners
035 23/04/2009 Minister Welcomes James Hardie Decision
034 17/04/2009 Commonwealth to Conduct Audit of Laws Impacting on Directors' Liability
033 17/04/2009 Action on Organised Criminal Groups, Company Management and National Credit Licensing
032 07/04/2009 Minister Releases RBA/ASIC Report on Central Counterparty Requirements and Welcomes Rapid Action By ASX/ACH on The Review Findings
031 07/04/2009 Minister Sherry Launches ANZAC Coin for the Perth Mint
030 06/04/2009 Minister Allows Rule Change to Boost Retail Investor Protection on Partly Paid Securities
029 02/04/2009 Opposition's Reckless $5 Billion Super Policy a Poorly Targeted, Job Killing, Administrative Nightmare
028 01/04/2009 Minister Announces Changes to Superannuation Return Reporting
027 23/03/2009 Australia Fully in Line with International Direction on Short Selling
026 20/03/2009 Sherry Welcomes Confirmation of Australia's Approach to Credit Rating Agencies
025 18/03/2009 Australia-New Zealand Insolvency Law Program
024 18/03/2009 Productivity Commission and Allan Fels to Examine Executive Remuneration
023 18/03/2009 Action on Golden Handshakes
022 16/03/2009 Regulations Released for Pension Drawdown Measure to Benefit Retirees
021 13/03/2009 Amendments to Improve Superannuation Guarantee Late Payment Offset
020 10/03/2009 Minister Meets World First Responsible Investment Academy
019 05/03/2009 Minister Sherry Convenes Industry Roundtables to Improve the Quality of Credit Ratings
018 02/03/2009 Government Enhances Prudential Regulator's Supervisory and Enforcement Power
017 26/02/2009 Minister Welcomes Parliamentary Inquiry
016 20/02/2009 Senator for Tasmania and Federal Member for Bass Host Economic Roundtable
015 20/02/2009 Minister Launches "Step Up" Microfinance Program
014 20/02/2009 Opportunity for Hockey to Drop Reckless, Uncosted and Anti-Job Super Policy
013 18/02/2009 Treasurer and Minister for Superannuation Announce Pension Drawdown Relief for Retirees
012 13/02/2009 Banned Foreign Directors to be Banned in Australia
011 12/02/2009 International Regulators Meet In Hobart
010 10/02/2009 Minister Suggests Bushfire Victims and Families May Consider Insurance and Early Access Through Their Superannuation Fund
009 05/02/2009 Government to Provide Assistance for Establishment of Responsible Investment Academy
008 05/02/2009 Australian Representative to Join Global Reporting Initiative
007 05/02/2009 Turnbull's Reckless, Wrong and Uncosted Plan for Superannuation and Small Business
006 29/01/2009 CAMAC Report On Sons Of Gwalia
005 26/01/2009 Minister Announces New Citizenship Coin for Australia Day
004 18/01/2009 Financial Services Working Group Begins Work on Margin Lending Documents
003 16/01/2009 Minister Releases Discussion Paper on Tax Relief for Merging Super Funds
002 05/01/2009 Ways to Boost Your Super in the New Year
001 05/01/2009 Find Your Lost Super in 2009