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Nick Sherry

Assistant Treasurer

9 June 2009 - 14 September 2010

2010 Media Releases

2009 | 2010

158 09/09/2010 Declaration to Boost Disaster Relief Effort for the Christchurch Earthquake
157 16/07/2010 Reform of the Controlled Foreign Company Rules
156 15/07/2010 Government to Update Australia-India Tax Treaty
155 12/07/2010 Government Commences the Next Stage in the Development of an Investment Manager Regime
154 12/07/2010 Board of Taxation Review of Collective Investment Vehicles Tax Regime
153 09/07/2010 Draft Regulations on Coverage of Tax Agent Services Regime
152 09/07/2010 Expanded Access to Film Tax Offsets to Boost Australian Film Industry
151 08/07/2010 Extension of Small Business Assistance Package
150 07/07/2010 Tax Time 2010 - Fairer Treatment of Same-Sex Couples
149 07/07/2010 Your first tax return? Tips For Young Taxpayers At Tax Time
148 02/07/2010 Breakthrough Agreement Ensures Tax Time Benefits for 6.4 Million Australians
147 30/06/2010 Release of Consultation Paper on Implementation of Reforms to GST Financial Supply Provisions
146 30/06/2010 Self-Funded Retirees to Benefit from an Extension in Drawdown Relief for Account-Based Pensions
145 29/06/2010 New Reforms to the Taxation of Financial Arrangements
144 24/06/2010 Tax Laws Passed by Parliament to Slash Compliance Costs
143 24/06/2010 New Tax Laws to Help People with Severe Disabilities, Their Families and Carers Pass Through Parliament
142 24/06/2010 Parliament Approves Thin Capitalisation Tax Reforms
141 24/06/2010 Important Amendments to Improve the Definition of Managed Investment Trust Pass Parliament
140 24/06/2010 Parliament Passes Bill Streaming GST
139 23/06/2010 Bill Introduced to Improve Tax Laws and Provide Tax Benefits for Individuals and Community Organisations
138 23/06/2010 Productivity Commission Report into Gambling
137 21/06/2010 Tax Time Gain for Over 2 Million People in New South Wales
136 21/06/2010 Important Reforms To Benefit Managed Investment Trusts
135 18/06/2010 Further Reforms for Simpler GST Administration
134 17/06/2010 Single, Modern and Streamlined Tax Law a Step Closer
133 17/06/2010 New Laws Boost Fight Against Phoenix Tax Fraud
132 17/06/2010 New Rules on Non-Commercial Loans Improve Fairness and Integrity of The Tax System
131 17/06/2010 New law Gives Taxpayers Certainty in Finalising Tax Affairs
130 17/06/2010 Medicare Levy Changes to Bring Greater Equity and Assist Low-Income Earners Become Law
129 16/06/2010 Proposals to give Both Individual and Business Taxpayers Easier Choices in Their Tax Affairs
128 16/06/2010 Terms of Reference for Productivity Commission Report on the Impacts and Benefits of COAG Reforms
127 15/06/2010 Draft Legislation to Provide Home Owners Capital Gains Tax Relief for Partial Compulsory Acquisitions
126 11/06/2010 Tax Time Gain for 140,000 Tasmanians
125 09/06/2010 Abbott Opposes Tax Time Gain For 660,000 West Australians
124 09/06/2010 Abbott Opposes Tax Time Gain For 460,000 South Australians
123 03/06/2010 Exposure Draft Regulations for Tax File Number Withholding for Closely Held Trusts
122 27/05/2010 Support for One Laptop per Child Australia
121 27/05/2010 Government releases report on Australia's anti-dumping and countervailing system
120 27/05/2010 Launch of "Demystifying Islamic Finance"
119 26/05/2010 Bill to Introduce Further GST Compliance Cost Savings
118 26/05/2010 New Definition of a Managed Investment Trust
117 26/05/2010 Amendments to Boost Thin Capitalisation Tax Laws
116 26/05/2010 Tax Law Reforms to Help People with Severe Disabilities, Their Families and Carers
115 25/05/2010 Coalition Backflip on Australia's Future as a Financial Services Hub
114 24/05/2010 Test Drive for 2011 Census
113 21/05/2010 Australia Signs Additional Benefits Agreements with a Further Three Jurisdictions
112 20/05/2010 Improvements to Taxation Running Balance Accounts and Interest on Overpayments
111 20/05/2010 Sue Macri Appointed as Associate Commissioner to Productivity Commission Aged Care Inquiry
110 19/05/2010 Coalition Wants To Cheat 6.4 Million Australians Out Of Standard Tax Deductions
109 19/05/2010 Abbott Blows New Multi-Billion Dollar Hole in Budget
108 18/05/2010 Start of National Consultation on the Tax Treatment of Native Title
107 18/05/2010 Terms of Reference for Board of Taxation review into Islamic finance announced
106 13/05/2010 Bill to Repeal Foreign Investment Fund and Deemed Present Entitlement Rules to Slash Compliance Costs
105 13/05/2010 Australia's Leadership on Tax Transparency Results in 25th Tax Information Treaty
104 13/05/2010 Parliament Approves Rudd Government's Tax Protection Package for Investors in Forestry Managed Investment Schemes
103 13/05/2010 Australia's Corporate Tax Consolidation Regime Enhanced By Passage of New Laws
102 13/05/2010 New Tax Certainty for Managed Investment Trusts as Legislation Passes Parliament
101 13/05/2010 Pre-Budget Consultations on Tax Measures Successful
100 13/05/2010 OECD Report Shows Rudd Government Policies are Easing Tax Burden on Australians
099 13/05/2010 Government to Implement 50 Per Cent Tax Discount for Alternative Fuels
098 12/05/2010 Look-Through Treatment For Earnout Arrangements To Simplify Sale Of Business Assets
097 11/05/2010 Standard Deduction to Increase Tax Returns for 6.4 Million Australians
096 11/05/2010 Phasing Down Interest Withholding Tax on Financial Institutions to Support Banking Competition
095 11/05/2010 Further Reductions in GST Compliance Costs for Business
094 11/05/2010 Change to Benchmark Interest Rate for Capital Protected Borrowings
093 11/05/2010 New Regulatory Framework to Further Improve Transparency in Charitable Sector
092 11/05/2010 Australian Government Commences Consultation on an Investment Manager Regime
091 11/05/2010 New Rules to Improve Calculation of Income Tax Liabilities from Consolidated Groups
090 11/05/2010 Reforms to Capital Gains Tax to Make It Easier for Businesses to Restructure
089 11/05/2010 Changes to Film Tax Offsets to Boost Australian Film Industry
088 11/05/2010 Changes to GST Law to Assist Australian Boat Builders to Boost Export Sales
087 11/05/2010 Government Responds to Australia as a Financial Services Centre Report
086 07/05/2010 New Tax System for Managed Investment Trusts
085 04/05/2010 Consultation Begins on the Extension of Tax Deductible Donation Support to All Volunteer Fire Brigades
084 04/05/2010 Inaugural East Asia Summit Finance Ministers' Meeting a Success
083 03/05/2010 Pacific Economic Dialogue
082 30/04/2010 Assistant Treasurer Holds Important Bilateral Talks with Key Uzbekistan Ministers
081 29/04/2010 Assistant Treasurer to Attend Asian Development Bank Annual Meetings
080 29/04/2010 Australia Engages Key Global Islamic Finance Regulatory And Banking Leaders
079 29/04/2010 Australia and Turkey Sign Historic Tax Treaty
078 28/04/2010 Release of Draft Legislation On Anti-Roll-Up Fund Rule
077 27/04/2010 Assistant Treasurer Meets Prime Minister Of Qatar
076 26/04/2010 Board of Taxation to Review Australia's Tax Laws to Ensure Islamic Finance Market Can Expand
075 26/04/2010 Assistant Treasurer to Focus on Islamic Finance in Middle East Talks
074 24/04/2010 Government Tightens Foreign Investment Rules for Residential Housing
073 23/04/2010 Release of Board of Tax Review and Government Response on Technical Aspects of Employee Share Schemes Reforms
072 23/04/2010 Coverage of Tax Agent Services Regime
071 22/04/2010 New Study to Investigate the Needs of Australia's Child Care, Education and Training Sectors
070 22/04/2010 Release of Draft Legislation to Widen the Scope of the Scrip for Scrip Rollover Relief
069 21/04/2010 Australia Signs Tax Information Treaty with Vanuatu
068 21/04/2010 Productivity Commission Inquiry into Aged Care
067 20/04/2010 Tax Relief for Insulation Industry
066 20/04/2010 Package of Measures to Provide Greater Tax Certainty for Business Finance
065 19/04/2010 Terms of Reference of Inspector-General of Taxation Review into Tax Office's Change Program
064 16/04/2010 Government Releases Draft Legislation Reforming Taxation Treatment of Special Disability Trusts
063 14/04/2010 Consultations begin on a National Disability Care and Support Scheme
062 13/04/2010 Draft Legislation to Provide Capital Gains Tax Relief for Irrigators Over Replacement Water Entitlements
061 09/04/2010 Australia Leads Global Forum International Tax Transparency Review Process
060 09/04/2010 Minister Signs Licensing Agreement Between The Commonwealth And The Perth Mint
059 07/04/2010 Australia Signs Tax Information Agreement with Monaco
058 01/04/2010 Australia's Campaign for Greater Global Tax Transparency Gathers Pace with Seven More Tax Information Treaties Signed
057 01/04/2010 Additional Certainty for the Taxation of Overseas-Based Employees
056 31/03/2010 Senator Joyce Insults Important Economic Reform Contribution of the Productivity Commission
055 29/03/2010 Abbott Must Clarify if Joyce 'Zonal Tax' Proposal is Coalition Policy
054 25/03/2010 Philanthropic Sector Expands Sharply
053 24/03/2010 Tax Statistics Released
052 23/03/2010 Legislation on GST Exemption for Global Roaming By Visitors to Australia Open for Consultation
051 20/03/2010 Australia Signs a Tax Information Exchange Agreement with Anguilla
050 20/03/2010 New Tax Treaty with Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
049 18/03/2010 Rudd Government Delivers Further Reforms for Simpler and Cheaper GST Administration
048 17/03/2010 Two Significant Boosts to Tax System Certainty
047 17/03/2010 Second Tax Reform Bill of 2010 Introduced into Parliament with Focus on Fairness and Integrity of the Tax System
046 17/03/2010 20-Year Goal to Streamline The Tax Law a Step Closer
045 17/03/2010 Immediate Action to Assist in Crackdown on Fraudulent 'Phoenix' Activity
044 17/03/2010 Government Introduces Legislation to Assist Fund Raising for Bali Peace Park
043 15/03/2010 New Coin Honours Lost Soldiers of Fromelles
042 12/03/2010 Australia Makes Further Progress in Improving Overseas Tax Transparency
041 12/03/2010 Appointment to Productivity Commission review of Research and Development Corporations
040 11/03/2010 New Bills Make the GST Easier for Taxpayers
039 11/03/2010 Tax Relief for NW Queensland Flood Victims and Tax Deductible Status for Two More Organisations
038 10/03/2010 Australia and Chile sign new Tax Treaty
037 10/03/2010 Tax Relief for Investors in Instalment Warrants
036 05/03/2010 Australia's Tax Transparency Network Grows to A Dozen Jurisdictions
035 02/03/2010 Better School Facilities a Boost for Gladstone Students
034 02/03/2010 Gladstone Industry Roundtable a Success
033 01/03/2010 Industry Leaders to Attend Roundtable With Minister on Gladstone's Future
032 28/02/2010 Government Extends Tax Deductible Donation Support to All Volunteer Bushfire Brigades
031 26/02/2010 Bill on GST Administration of Cross-Border Transport Open for Consultation
030 25/02/2010 Removing Tax Deductibility for Political Donations
029 25/02/2010 Laws Pass That Will Boost Australia-NZ Business and Crackdown on Harmful Tax Practices
028 25/02/2010 Minister Releases Regular Forward Program for Tax Reform Measures
027 24/02/2010 Amended Tax Treaty with Malaysia to Boost Tax Information Flows
026 19/02/2010 Minister Launches New Website
025 15/02/2010 Productivity Commission Inquiry into Rural Research And Development
024 11/02/2010 Productivity Commission report into the contribution of the not-for-profit sector
023 10/02/2010 Legislation to Clarify and Improve GST Administration
022 10/02/2010 New Bill to Assist Investors and Simplify Tax Laws
021 10/02/2010 Major Reforms Finalised To Tax Treatment of Managed Investment Trusts
020 10/02/2010 Key Amendment to The Withholding Tax Definition Of A Managed Investment Trust
019 05/02/2010 Draft Legislation To Boost The Tax Integrity Of Trusts
018 04/02/2010 Tax Treaty with Austria to be Updated
017 03/02/2010 Senator Joyce Shows His True, Reckless Colours
016 03/02/2010 New Coin to Mark Centenary Of Australian Tax Office
015 02/02/2010 Beware of Phishing Scam Promising Tax Refunds
014 29/01/2010 Strong Response from Cairns Local Businesses to Tax Taskforce Visit
013 26/01/2010 Minister Congratulates Tax Commissioner on Australia Day Award
012 22/01/2010 New Consultation on GST Administration Measures
011 22/01/2010 Australia and Chile to Sign Historic Tax Treaty
010 21/01/2010 Stunning New Coin for Australia Day
009 19/01/2010 Specialist Tax Office Support Team Flies in to Assist Cairns Local Businesses
008 18/01/2010 Art Display a First for the Mint
007 15/01/2010 Donations in Response to the Haiti Earthquake
006 15/01/2010 Government Welcomes Johnson Report on Australia as a Financial Services Centre
005 12/01/2010 Government Acts to Provide Certainty on Taxation of Financial Arrangements
004 06/01/2010 New Merger Tax Rules to Make it Easier for Shareholders
003 05/01/2010 Release of Consultation Paper on Reform of Controlled Foreign Company (CFC) Rules
002 04/01/2010 Tax Clarity for Rural Communities and Small Business Operators a Step Closer
001 04/01/2010 Government Welcomes Productivity Commission Report on Executive Remuneration