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Nick Sherry

Minister for Superannuation and Corporate Law

3 December 2007 - 8 June 2009

2008 Speeches

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043 16/12/2008 'Choosing not to Choose', Launch of Australia Institute - Industry Super Network Paper
042 02/12/2008 'A Portfolio Update', Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia - Canberra Luncheon
041 28/11/2008 'The Australian ABS: The Way Forward', Keynote Address to the Australian Securitisation Forum
040 19/11/2008 Address to the Financial Planning Association 2008 National Conference
039 19/11/2008 'Has Australia's Corporate Law and Superannuation System Responded Well to the Global Financial Crisis?' - Address to the National Press Club, Canberra
038 14/11/2008 Address to Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia, (ASFA) National Conference, Auckland New Zealand
037 03/11/2008 Address to Australian Institute of Company Directors Western Australian Branch, Perth
036 25/10/2008 'The Great Years Ahead', Association of Independent Retirees, Gala Dinner Address
035 30/10/2008 Opening Address to Evaluating Financial Services Regulation Summit 2008, Sydney
034 17/10/2008 Speech to Australian Institute of Credit Management National Conference, Melbourne
033 17/10/2008 Speech to Lonsdale Financial Group 2008 Annual Conference, Gold Coast
032 15/10/2008 'The Government's Policies in Superannuation', Address to Rice Warner Actuaries Workshop, Parliament House, Canberra
031 10/10/2008 Address to the European Australian Business Council Boardroom, Sydney
030 09/10/2008 Speech to Committee for Economic Development of Australia, Sydney
029 08/10/2008 Launch of ANZ Survey of Adult Financial Literacy in Australia, Melbourne
028 02/10/2008 Australian Financial Markets Report Launch, ASX Sydney
027 02/10/2008 'Credit Regulation for the 21st Century: the Government's Vision', Keynote Address To Lexisnexis 18th Annual Credit Law Conference, Queensland
026 25/09/2008 Launch Of Climate Institute-Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees Inaugural Australian Asset Owners Climate Change Initiative, Canberra
025 16/09/2008 'Building Superannuation Fund Excellence in a Dynamic Regulatory Environment', Address Australian Pensions and Investments (API) Summit, Gold Coast
024 19/08/2008 'Policy Responses to Tighter Credit Conditions and Household Indebtedness', Keynote Address to FINSIA Consumer Finance, Investment and Regulatory Issues Symposium, Melbourne
023 08/08/2008 'Government and the Financial Services Sector: A Working Partnership', "Innovate 08" Investment and Financial Services Association Annual Conference, Gold Coast
022 21/07/2008 'Challenging Financial Markets', Keynote address to the International Centre for Financial Services Symposium, Adelaide
021 04/07/2008 'Environmental, Social and Governance Issues', Address to the Goldman Sachs JBWere Superannuation Forum, Melbourne
020 03/07/2008 'The Government's Priorities for Superannuation', Address to the 16th Australian Colloquium of Superannuation Researchers, Sydney
019 02/07/2008 'What is the Government's Perspective on the Role of Financial Literacy and Product Disclosure?', Speech to Australian Bankers' Association Financial Literacy Summit, Sydney
018 25/06/2008 Opening Address to the Institute of Actuaries Superannuation Policy Forum, Canberra
017 22/05/2008 'The Future of Financial Advice in Australia', Speech to the Association of Financial Advisers, Melbourne
016 22/05/2008 'Positioning Australia in a Global Context', Speech to Securities and Derivatives Industry Association Conference, Melbourne
015 20/05/2008 Speech to Australasian Investor Relations Association Conference, Melbourne
014 20/05/2008 Launch of the Australia Institute Discussion Paper 'Choice Overload', Speech at the Australia Institute, Melbourne
013 19/05/2008 'The Government's Priorities in Superannuation and Financial Services', Speech at the Institute of Actuaries Financial Services Forum 2008, Melbourne
012 16/05/2008 'The Future of Regulation in Your Industry', Speech at the Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia, National Convention, Sydney
011 06/05/2008 'Australian Head of Delegation', Speech at Asian Development Bank Annual Meeting, Madrid Spain
010 28/04/2008 'Corporate Governance in Today's Volatile Market Conditions', Speech to Riskmetrics Group Australia Governance Conference, Melbourne
009 10/04/2008 'Recent Developments in Superannuation', Address to the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia Luncheon, Sydney
008 08/04/2008 'Regulation of Private Equity: Getting the Balance Right', Speech to the IBA-LCA Private Equity Conference, Sydney
007 03/04/2008 'The Rudd Government's Plans for Financial Services and Super', Speech to IFSA Luncheon, Sydney
006 01/04/2008 'Trustee Duties and Education', Self Managed Superannuation Member’s Association Launch, Sydney
005 31/03/2008 'Post-election Superannuation Report Card', Australian Superfunds Summit 2008, Sydney
004 19/03/2008 'Super and the New Government', Speech to the Conference of Major Superannuation Funds, Brisbane
003 12/03/2008 Keynote Address to SPAA Conference, Brisbane
002 22/02/2008 Scouts Coin Launch, Royal Australian Mint
001 05/02/2008 'Year in Preview', Speech to the Industry Super Network, Melbourne