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Wayne Swan

Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer

3 December 2007 - 27 June 2013

2011 Speeches

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041 20/12/2011 Address to mark the completion of The Toowoomba to Darwin fibre optic long-haul cable
040 12/12/2011 'Turning Grey Into Gold', Address to the Older Workers and Workability Conference
039 03/12/2011 'Building on Our Strong Foundations in the Asian Century', Address to the Address to the Business Observers' Lunch
038 02/12/2011 'A People-Powered Economy', Address to the Australian Labor Party national conference Moving the Australian Labor Party economic platform
037 02/12/2011 'Who we are and why we fight', Address to the Australian Labor Party National Conference Seconding the Prime Minister’s values chapter
036 25/10/2011 'Partnering for Global Growth', Address to the Commonwealth Business Forum
035 17/10/2011 'No Excuses: The European Crisis of Confidence', Address to Austrade and Australian Business, London
034 12/10/2011 'The Global Financial Crisis Three Years On', Ministerial Statement, Parliament House, Canberra
033 12/10/2011 'Tax Reform in Australia', Parliamentary Debate on Tax Reform, Canberra
032 06/10/2011 Opening Remarks at Future Jobs Forum, Canberra
031 05/10/2011 Closing Remarks for the Tax Forum, Parliament House, Canberra
030 04/10/2011 Opening Address to the Tax Forum, Parliament House, Canberra
029 26/09/2011 Global Resolve, Speech to Harvard Club of New York
028 21/09/2011 Ministerial Statement on Tax Reform and Our Patchwork Economy, Parliament House, Canberra
027 16/08/2011 Ministerial Statement on the Global Economy, Parliament House, Canberra
026 04/08/2011 Sustainable Business and the Clean Energy Future, Keynote Address to the Green Capital Business Breakfast, Melbourne
025 26/07/2011 Small Business Tax Reform - Meeting the Nation's Challenges Head, Address to the Council of Small Business of Australia, Sydney
024 14/07/2011 Address to Trans-Tasman Business Council, Wellington
023 12/07/2011 Opportunities for Australia in China's Booming Middle Class, Address to the Australian National University's China Update, ANU, Canberra
022 06/07/2011 Ministerial Statement on the Global Economy, Parliament House, Canberra
021 30/06/2011 'The Role of Government in a Changing Economy', Address to the Economic and Social Outlook Conference, Melbourne
020 18/06/2011 'Conviction At Our Core', Remarks to Introduce Prime Minister Gillard, Queensland Labor Conference, Brisbane
019 14/06/2011 'Investing in a Capital Hungry Economy', Address to the International CEO Forum, Canberra
018 12/06/2011 Address to the Queensland Disaster Heroes Ceremony, Brisbane
017 07/06/2011 'A Price on Pollution: The Next Step Forward in Economic Reform', Address to the National Press Club, Canberra
016 18/05/2011 'The Story Behind the Budget Part Five: The Budget and Beyond', Address to the WA Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Perth
015 18/05/2011 'The Story Behind the Budget Part Four: An Inclusive Budget', Address to The Australian Institute of Company Directors, Adelaide
014 17/05/2011 'The Story Behind the Budget Part Three: Spreading Opportunity', Address to Per Capita, Melbourne
013 13/05/2011 'The Story Behind the Budget Part Two: A Budget About Jobs', Address to the NSW Business Chamber, Sydney
012 13/05/2011 'The story of Budget Part One: Fiscal Foundations', Address to the Brisbane North Chamber of Commerce, Brisbane
011 11/05/2011 'An Economy In Transition', Address to the National Press Club, Canberra
010 20/04/2011 'The 2011 Budget and a Tale of Two Booms', Address to the Queensland Media Club, Brisbane
009 15/04/2011 Launch of Paper at the Woodrow Wilson International Centre for Scholars, Washington
008 11/04/2011 Launch of the Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal 2011, Melbourne
007 30/03/2011 'Investing in Experience' - Speech to the Business Leaders' Morning Tea, Sydney
006 23/03/2011 'Economic Impact of Recent Natural Disasters' - Ministerial Statement, Parliament House, Canberra
005 26/02/2011 'Social Media and a More Progressive Future' - Address to the 2011 Queensland Young Labor Conference - Brisbane
004 15/02/2011 'It's What We Do Together That Makes Us Strong' - Speech to Mark the 125th Anniversary of the AWU - Gold Coast
003 11/02/2011 'Mick, Julia and Education as the Driver of Prosperity' - Address to Mick Young Scholarship Trust Dinner - Sydney
002 08/02/2011 'Motion of condolence: Natural disasters' - House of representatives - Canberra
001 28/01/2011 'The Impact of the Floods on our Patchwork Economy' - Address to CEO Institute (Queensland) - Brisbane