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Nick Sherry

Minister for Superannuation and Corporate Law

3 December 2007 - 8 June 2009

2008 Transcripts

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026 11/12/2008 Henry Tax Review Retirement Incomes Consultation Paper, superannuation, equity, pension age, tax - Interview with Marius Benson, ABC News Radio Breakfast
025 19/11/2008 Superannuation contributions, global financial crisis, regulations, regulators, short selling - Address to the National Press Club - Questions
024 13/11/2008 Reforms of the financial system; credit rating agencies; research houses; short selling - Joint Press Conference with the Hon Lindsay Tanner, Acting Treasurer and Minister for Finance
023 03/10/2008 Yesterday's COAG meeting, national regulation of all Consumer credit - Interview with Peter Ryan, AM Program, ABC 666
022 01/10/2008 Super fund returns, Global financial crisis, Peter Costello's $1m super special, criticism of financial planners - Interview with Marius Benson, ABC News Radio
021 21/09/2008 Market volatility, short-selling, ASIC, regulator actions re naked short-selling - Interview with Mark Colvin, ABC PM
020 26/08/2008 Easier access to trading in US stocks, Mutual Recognition agreement with US SEC, increased liquidity and capital flows - Interview with Fran Kelly, ABC Radio National Breakfast Program
019 07/08/2008 Paul Keating, super criticisms, Nick Sherry, super adequacy, age pension, Henry Review - Interview with Mike Carlton, Breakfast, 2UE
018 07/08/2008 Paul Keating, super system criticisms, Nick Sherry, super adequacy, Henry Tax Review - Interview with Tony Eastley and Samantha Hawley, ABC 666
017 29/07/2008 Discussions on Superannuation Fund Returns - Interview with Mike Carlton and Sandy Aloisi, Breakfast, 2UE
016 29/07/2008 Report on the Outlook for Superannuation Funds - Interview with Tony Eastley, ABC 666 Canberra
015 04/07/2008 Superannuation Fund Returns and Regulation of Margin Lending - Interview with Kai Chow, Sky Business News
014 21/06/2008 Superannuation, financial services reform, simpler disclosure - Interview with Geraldine Doogue, Radio National Breakfast with Geraldine Doogue
013 16/06/2008 Payday Loan Shops and Regulation in the Finance Industry - Interview with Tony Jones, Lateline
012 04/06/2008 Financial Services and Credit Reform Green Paper and Reverse Mortgages - Interview with Greg Cary, 4BC Morning Show, Brisbane
011 04/06/2008 Financial Literacy, the Financial Services and Credit Reform Green Paper - Interview with Madonna King, ABC 612 Brisbane Morning with Madonna King
010 03/06/2008 Nick Sherry discusses the Financial Services and Credit Reform Green Paper - Interview with Ali Moore, ABC, Lateline Business
009 Treasurer's OECD Attendance, Green Paper on Financial Services and Credit Reform, Inflation, Qantas Engineers' Wage Claim, Childcare, Climate Change/Emissions Trading Scheme, Government Legislation, Polls, COAG Reform - Joint Press Conference w
008 20/05/2008 Future role of the ASX, supervision, financial regulation - Interview with Aaron Young, Sky Business Report, Sky News Australia
007 20/05/2008 Launch of the Australia Institute Report, Choice Overload: Australians Coping with Financial Decisions - Interview with Catriona Lowe, Melbourne Conference Unit, Consumer Law Action Centre
006 20/05/2008 Financial Investments, Superannuation - Interview with Ali Moore, Mornings, ABC 774, Melbourne
005 24/04/2008 Changes to the Federal Corporate Regulatory System - Interview with Mark Colvin, Radio National
004 13/04/2008 Superannuation adequacy - Interview with Ellen Fanning and Ross Greenwood, Sunday Program
003 30/03/2008 Market volatility, superannuation returns - Interview with Alan Kohler, ABC Inside Business
002 31/03/2008 Superannuation returns and related issues - Interview with Fran Kelly, Radio National, Breakfast Program
001 17/03/2008 Superannuation, inflation, first home savers accounts, budget - Interview with David Speers, Sky News Australia, Sunday Agenda