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Picture of Wayne Swan

Wayne Swan

Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer

3 December 2007 - 27 June 2013

2013 Treasurer's Economic Notes

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025 23/06/2013 Reforms for the future, Making the smart investments, Growing Australians' superannuation savings, Growing Australians' superannuation savings, Check out my new Lilley smartphone app
024 16/06/2013 Sending our kids to the top of the class, An economic debate based on facts, The choice for the future
023 09/06/2013 Our economy outperforms the world, An economy in transition, One year of the carbon price, Investing in a stronger, smarter and fairer Australia
022 02/06/2013 An economy in transition, On top of the world's podium, Boosting our superannuation system, Getting on with the job
021 26/05/2013 The manufacturing story, The mining story, A strong public balance sheet, Building for the future from a position of strength
020 19/05/2013 Funding the big reforms like school improvement, Investing in a stronger superannuation system, Building Australia
019 DisabilityCare and school investment reforms front and centre of the Budget, Other budget initiatives to make Australia fairer and stronger, Low interest rates and more Aussie jobs, We'll keep getting the big calls right for jobs and growth [
018 05/05/2013 DisabilityCare Australia to fix an underfunded, unfair and fragmented system; Delivering a secure and enduring funding stream for DisabilityCare Australia; Challenges facing the Budget, A fairer Australia is a stronger Australia
017 28/04/2013 Smart investments, The fair go
016 21/04/2013 Smart Investments for our Future
015 19/04/2013 Special Friday Edition
014 14/04/2013 Why we need to invest much more in education; What we are investing in with the Gonski school improvement reforms; Reforms built on a strong economy and a stable financial sector; Global context
013 07/04/2013 The superannuation story; strengthening superannuation; benefits of lower rates
012 31/03/2013 The 9As Club, Interest rates
011 24/03/2013 Historic increases to the age pension, Tax reforms reflecting a modern workforce, Working Mums, A strong economy for all of us
010 17/03/2013 Jobs growth, Budget update, Global tax reform
009 10/03/2013 National Accounts, Jobs and participation, G20
008 03/03/2013 A resilient economy, The benefits of fiscal discipline, Education reform to drive prosperity and jobs in the Asian Century, Optimism for Australia's future
007 24/02/2013 The economy, A contest of ideas, Building our nation
006 17/02/2013 Global economy, Economic resilience in an uncertain global economy, A Plan for Australian Jobs
005 10/02/2013 Domestic economy, G20, Queensland, The Year of the Snake
004 03/02/2013 Debate over our future, The right policies to secure our future, Rebuilding our communities
003 27/01/2013 Coming together on national economic reform, Contained inflation a sign of economic health, Creating enduring reforms for future generations
002 20/01/2013 Working together, Cautious optimism, Education the key to our strong future; Devastation
001 13/01/2013 Global outlook, Reforms to secure our future, The strength of our people