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Nick Sherry

Minister for Superannuation and Corporate Law

3 December 2007 - 8 June 2009

2009 Transcripts

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027 29/05/2009 Superannuation Inquiry announcement; Panel; Jeremy Cooper; fees and commissions; efficiencies - Doorstop Interview, Melbourne Sofitel
026 29/05/2009 Crackdown on unsolicited share offers; David Tweed; vulnerable shareholders; elderly people; instalment payments - Interview with Eleanor Hall, ABC - The World Today
025 14/05/2009 Superannuation preservation age; Budget changes to super - Interview with Derryn Hinch, 3AW Drive
024 07/05/2009 New national margin lending laws; investor protection; margin loans and family home - Interview with Peter Ryan, ABC AM Program
023 29/04/2009 Australia's compulsory superannuation system; inquiry; commissions - Interview with Fran Kelly, ABC Radio National Breakfast
022 28/04/2009 Superannuation communiqué, Henry Tax Review - Interview with Tony Jones, ABC2 News Breakfast
021 27/04/2009 National Consumer Credit Regime; licensing; responsible lending; ASIC oversight; electorate allowances - Joint Press Conference
020 27/04/2009 Proposed Changes to Credit Contracts, Electorate Allowance for MPs - Interview with Virginia Trioli and Joe O'Brien, ABC2 News Breakfast
019 27/04/2009 Hardship thresholds, National Consumer Credit regime - ABC AM Program
018 27/04/2009 National Consumer Credit regime; increased hardship thresholds; responsible lending - Interview with Tim Cox, ABC Hobart Breakfast
017 27/04/2009 Hardship threshold increase, MPs Electorate Allowance - Interview with Glen Bartholomew, ABC Newsradio Breakfast
016 27/04/2009 Hardship assistance for home loan borrowers, national consumer credit regime, increase in electorate allowance - Interview with Chris Smith, 2GB Breakfast
015 27/04/2009 Introduction of national laws on consumer credit - Interview with Mike Carlton and Sandy Aloisi, 2UE Breakfast
014 17/04/2009 MINCO (Ministerial Council for Corporations) meeting today; crackdown on bikie gang members being company directors; states to report back on suggested reforms - Doorstop Interview, ANU House Canberra
013 07/04/2009 Executive Pay; Productivity Commission; Termination payments - Interview with Jenny Brockie, SBS Insight
012 18/03/2009 Crackdown on executive pay; termination payments; community standards; empowering shareholders; review by Allan Fels - Interview with Richard Glover, Sydney ABC 702 DRIVE
011 18/03/2009 New laws to curtail excessive termination pay; termination retirement benefits; all executives in remuneration report - Interview with Derryn Hinch, 3AW Drive Program
010 18/03/2009 Government's proposed changes to executive termination payouts - Interview with Ali Moore, Lateline Business, ABC
009 18/03/2009 Executive Salaries; ABIP; Economic Stimulus Packages - Joint Press Conference
008 18/03/2009 Superannuation; double fees when an employee loses their job or leaves; unconscionable; law reform - Interview with Owen Delaney, Mornings on 2SM with Owen Delaney
007 05/03/2009 Superannuation returns; confidence; industry consultations; self funded retirees; pension drawdowns, CGT relief for merging funds; age pension - Interview with Marius Benson, ABC Newsradio Breakfast
006 18/02/2009 Superannuation; pension drawdown relief for self funded retirees; global financial crisis - Interview with Alan Jones, 2GB Breakfast, Sydney
005 Victorian bushfires; life insurance in superannuation; early access to superannuation; insurance claims and bushfires; Treasurer letter to Turnbull re monies for fire-affected areas - Interview with Joe O'Brien and Virginia Trioli, ABC2 News B
004 06/02/2009 Superannuation returns, super funds and infrastructure, Opposition idea that Govt pay small business super obligations - Interview with Ali Moore, Lateline Business
003 09/01/2009 Increase in number of people applying for age pension in the wake of the Global Financial Crisis; entitlement to age pension; safety net
002 09/01/2009 Global regulators, fund managers, short selling regulations - Interview with Eleanor Hall, ABC AM Program
001 06/01/2009 Predictions that the number of super funds will fall; Solutions to resolve the lost super problem - Interview with Eleanor Hall, ABC AM Program