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Nick Sherry

Minister for Superannuation and Corporate Law

3 December 2007 - 8 June 2009

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101 23/12/2008 Optional CGT Loss Roll Over For Complying Super Funds
100 19/12/2008 Rudd Government Confirms Strong Consumer Protection Approach to the National Regulation of Margin Lending
099 19/12/2008 Government Supports ASIC Enforcement Actions
098 19/12/2008 Temporary Residents' Superannuation Acts Proclaimed
097 18/12/2008 Minister Welcomes COAG Decision on Directors' Liabilities
096 17/12/2008 Minister Announces Appointment of Chairman Of Australian Accounting Standards Board
095 16/12/2008 Minister Sherry Urges Industry to Act on Complaints
094 15/12/2008 New Commissioners Appointed to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission
093 11/12/2008 CAMAC Report on Issues in External Administration
092 10/12/2008 Government Welcomes Same-Sex Superannuation Reforms
091 10/12/2008 Minister Sherry, NAB CEO Ahmed Fahour and Paul Clitheroe Meet Traditional Credit Union Representatives in Groote Eylandt
090 10/12/2008 Minister Presents 'Moola Awards' in Alice Springs
089 10/12/2008 Lost Superannuation Problem Highlighted in Alice Springs
088 09/12/2008 Lost Superannuation Problem Highlighted in Darwin and Palmerston
087 08/12/2008 Lost Superannuation Problem Highlighted in Cairns
086 05/12/2008 Minister Sherry to Meet with Key Indigenous Leaders on Financial Literacy Issues and Programs
085 05/12/2008 Temporary Residents Bill Passed
084 05/12/2008 Short Selling Bill Passes the Parliament
083 03/12/2008 Legislation to Ensure Banned Foreign Company Directors are Disqualified in Australia
082 30/11/2008 Opposition and Senator Xenophon to Reduce Budget Surplus by $860 million with a Tax Break for High Income Temporary Residents
081 25/11/2008 Opposition's Reckless Attempt to Deliver Uncertainty by Delaying Short Selling Bill Fails
080 19/11/2008 Action to Further Enhance Market Integrity
079 18/11/2008 Minister Launches Capital Markets Research Centre with Focus on Reducing Market Manipulation
078 14/11/2008 First Step in Cutting Superannuation Red Tape for Small Business
077 13/11/2008 Improved Australian Controls for Credit Rating Agencies and Research Houses
076 13/11/2008 Government to Legislate For Better Regulation of Short Selling
075 12/11/2008 Appointments and Reappointments to the Superannuation Complaints Tribunal
074 07/11/2008 New Financial Literacy Resource for Secondary Schools
073 03/11/2008 Minister Unveils HMAS Sydney Commemorative Coin
072 31/10/2008 Streamlined Administration Arrangements for Australian Government Superannuation Schemes
071 28/10/2008 Pacific Islands Finance Ministers Discuss Global Financial Crisis, Fuel and Food Prices
070 27/10/2008 Minister Sherry Meets Prime Minister and Finance Minister of Vanuatu
069 24/10/2008 Minister Sherry Welcomes Annual RBA Report Card on Clearing and Settlement
068 23/10/2008 Minister Welcomes New Partnership Between the St James Ethics Centre and the Global Reporting Initiative
067 23/10/2008 Australian Accounting Standards Amended in Global Action to Address Impact of Credit Crisis
066 15/10/2008 Liberals' Lost Super Legacy Continues to Grow
065 13/10/2008 Minister Witnesses Signing of Insurance Industry and Mental Health Stakeholder Agreement
064 03/10/2008 New Measures for Australian Financial Services
063 02/10/2008 Minister Launches Austrade Financial Services Benchmark Report
062 01/10/2008 Turnbull and Bishop Should Reject Costello's Attack on Super
061 26/09/2008 Australia II America's Cup Win Commemorated on Coin
060 25/09/2008 Temporary Residents Legislation Introduced
059 24/09/2008 Super Co-Contributions Increase
058 24/09/2008 Double Superannuation Eliminated in Australia and Germany
057 23/09/2008 Short Selling Exposure Bill Released
056 21/09/2008 Government Welcomes Regulator Action On All Covered Short Sales
055 19/09/2008 Government Welcomes Regulator Action On Short Selling
054 12/09/2008 Appointment and Reappointment to the Legal Subcommittee of CAMAC
053 25/08/2008 Historic Announcement of a Mutual Recognition of Securities Regulation Arrangement with the US Securities And Exchange Commission
052 24/08/2008 Minister Meets Key Market Supervisors in United States
051 14/08/2008 Minister Welcomes Annual ASIC Report on ASX
050 08/08/2008 Government Announces New Approach for Temporary Residents' Superannuation
049 04/08/2008 Information for Indigenous People on Superannuation
048 30/07/2008 Appointments and Reappointments of Members to the Financial Reporting Council (FRC)
047 17/07/2008 Cutting Red Tape, Protecting Consumers: First Short, Simple Financial Disclosure Statement
046 11/07/2008 Appointments and Reappointments to the Corporations and Markets Advisory Committee and the Legal Subcommittee
045 10/07/2008 Sherry Launches New Financial Ombudsman Service
044 08/07/2008 First Australian Saint Commemorated on Coin
043 07/07/2008 Mutual Recognition Agreement with Hong Kong
042 03/07/2008 COAG Agree to Transfer Responsibility for All Consumer Credit to the Commonwealth
041 27/06/2008 Minister Approves Extra ASIC Commissioners
040 26/06/2008 Improved Governance for Australia's Accounting and Auditing Standards Bodies
039 26/06/2008 Indexation of Australian Government Superannuation Schemes to be Examined
038 25/06/2008 Relief from Double Super Payments for Employers
037 24/06/2008 Statement on Parliamentary Committee Report
036 23/06/2008 Tax Free Superannuation Payouts Now Available for Terminal Illness
035 22/06/2008 Advice to Super Fund Members on Long-Term Performance
034 16/06/2008 New Framework for Cross Border Financial Recognition
033 13/06/2008 Minister Welcomes CAMAC Report on Long Tail Liabilities
032 13/06/2008 World First in Comprehensive Mutual Recognition of Securities Offerings
031 10/06/2008 Super Fund Returns and Retirement Incomes Key Issues for Peak Super Advisory Group
030 03/06/2008 Fundamental Reform of Australia's Financial Services and Credit Regulation
029 03/06/2008 Minister Launches Financial Literacy Package for Teachers
028 30/05/2008 Reduced Red Tape for Managed Investment Schemes
027 30/05/2008 Simple Superannuation Advice a Step Closer
026 22/05/2008 Australian Review of Credit Rating Agencies
025 21/05/2008 Company Directors' Survey Launched
024 16/05/2008 Prudential Rule Changes Ensure Confidence in Financial Systems
023 15/05/2008 Cross Border Insolvency Law Passes
022 13/05/2008 $16 Million for Super Clearing House to Slash Business Red Tape
021 09/05/2008 Markets and Regulation Top of Agenda in UK Meetings
020 09/05/2008 Appointments to the Takeovers Panel
019 08/05/2008 ASIC Strategic Review Welcomed
018 07/05/2008 Minister Sherry Meets IOSCO Secretary General
017 06/05/2008 Australia Consults with Key Asian and Pacific Finance Ministers
016 06/05/2008 Payment of Temporary Residents' Superannuation to the Australian Government
015 12/04/2008 Ministerial Statement - Lift Capital Partners
014 20/03/2008 Reducing the Super Red Tape Burden on Business
013 12/03/2008 New Information on Self Managed Super Highlights Governance Concerns
012 05/03/2008 Super Co-Contributions Pass the $1 Billion Mark
011 03/03/2008 Peak Superannuation Advisory Group Established
010 29/02/2008 Financial Disclosure Simplification Begins
009 26/02/2008 Trans-Tasman Disqualification of Disqualified Directors
008 22/02/2008 New Dollar Coin to Mark Scout Centenary
007 15/02/2008 Unrestricted Access to Superannuation Benefits for Persons with Terminal Medical Conditions
006 14/02/2008 Governance of Self Managed Superannuation Funds
005 13/02/2008 Reforms to Arrangements for Reviewing Prudential Decisions Introduced into the Parliament
004 13/02/2008 Sherry Introduces Cross-Border Insolvency Bill
003 13/02/2008 Australians with Terminal Medical Conditions to Receive Superannuation Lump Sums Tax Free
002 05/02/2008 Complexity to be Tackled in Financial Services Working Group to Start Immediately
001 01/02/2008 Minister Unveils Innovative Antarctic Coin to Mark 4th International Polar Year