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David Bradbury

Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer

14 September 2010 - 5 March 2012

2011 Media Releases

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071 31/12/2011 Commencement of Updated Graphic Health Warnings for Tobacco Products
070 31/12/2011 The New Year Brings Changes to the Australian Consumer Law
069 26/12/2011 Know Your Rights as a Consumer This Christmas
068 23/12/2011 Government Updates Graphic Health Warnings for Tobacco Products
067 23/12/2011 Government Releases Price Signalling Regulations for Consultation
066 20/12/2011 Gillard Government Releases Draft Laws to Crack Down on 'Phoenixing'
065 15/12/2011 Appointment of part-time Councillor to The National Competition Council
064 14/12/2011 Reform Package to Modernise and Harmonise Insolvency
063 12/12/2011 Government to Explore Options for Extension of Unfair Contract Terms to Insurance
062 09/12/2011 Community Views Sought on Gift Cards
061 07/12/2011 Know Your Limits This Christmas When Reaching For Your Credit Card
060 06/12/2011 Inquiry into the Future of the AGM
059 01/12/2011 New Survey Shines a Light on Australians' Financial Literacy
058 28/11/2011 New Centrelink phone scam rip off
057 28/11/2011 Discussion Paper on Reform to Dividends Payment Test
056 25/11/2011 Parliament Passes Laws to Strengthen Protections Against Anti-Competitive Mergers & Unconscionable Conduct
055 22/11/2011 Coin kicks off UN International Year of Cooperatives
054 21/11/2011 Parents Warned About Buying Unsafe Child Car Restraints Online
053 20/11/2011 Consumer Watchdog Blitz on Dodgy Christmas Toys
052 15/11/2011 ACCC releases guidelines for carbon pricing
051 15/11/2011 Scammers Claiming to be from Government are Just Phishing for Your Details
050 14/11/2011 Moneysmart Wins Over 1 Million Users and Snags a Web Award
049 09/11/2011 Planning for Retirement Made Easier with New Online Tools
048 03/11/2011 COAG Legislative and Governance Forum on Consumer Affairs Votes to Amend the Australian Consumer Law
047 26/10/2011 Reducing the Cost of Remittances for Commonwealth Developing Countries
046 24/10/2011 Appointment of Part-Time Member to the Financial Reporting Council
045 21/10/2011 Shareholders use new powers under Gillard Government executive pay reforms
044 20/10/2011 Appointment of Commissioners to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission
043 20/10/2011 Mcewen students get moneysmart
042 13/10/2011 Abbott gives the Greenlight to Price Gouging
041 01/10/2011 Parents Warned Over Amber Teething Necklaces
040 30/09/2011 Government Releases Draft Reforms To Enhance Audit Quality
039 09/09/2011 Permanent Bans for Baby Bling
038 25/08/2011 Gillard Government Launches Online Financial Counsellor Map
037 24/08/2011 Extension of the Referral of Corporations Power
036 23/08/2011 Appointment of President and Members to the Australian Competition Tribunal
035 22/08/2011 Appointment of Part-Time Member to the Legal Committee of the Corporations and Markets Advisory Committee (CAMAC)
034 11/08/2011 Amendments to the Corporations Act 2001
033 26/07/2011 Decision to Certify the South Australian Rail Access Regime
032 26/07/2011 Pacific Remittance Costs Come Down
031 15/07/2011 Baby Bling Banned
030 14/07/2011 Beware of Scammers Taking Advantage of Carbon Price Announcement
029 11/07/2011 Decision to Certify the Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal Access Regime
028 01/07/2011 Executive Pay Reforms Start Today
027 20/06/2011 Executive Remuneration Reforms Pass the Parliament
026 20/06/2011 Coalition Moves To Water Down Exec Pay Reforms
025 15/06/2011 Gillard Government Supports Responsible Corporate Reporting
024 08/06/2011 Australian Consumer Survey Shows Consumers Spend $14 Billion Dealing With Problems With Goods and Services
023 07/06/2011 New Point of Sale Sign Makes Consumer Rights to Refund Clear
022 02/06/2011 Modernising Insolvency Regulation
021 01/06/2011 Become MoneySmart with your Smart Phone
020 25/05/2011 CAMAC Report on Executive Remuneration
019 25/05/2011 Quarter of a Million People Use New Moneysmart Website
018 23/05/2011 Appointments and Reappointments to both the Corporations and Markets Advisory Committee (CAMAC) and the Legal Committee of CAMAC
017 12/05/2011 Consumers Warned Over Hair Product with High Levels of Formaldehyde
016 09/05/2011 Decision to Certify the South Australian Ports Access Regime
015 04/05/2011 Financial Literacy Skills Help Disadvantaged Young People
014 28/04/2011 Ipswich and Somerset Residents use MoneySmart to Help Get Back on Track
013 04/04/2011 Kingston Residents Encouraged to be Moneysmart and Take Control of Their Finances
012 29/03/2011 La Trobe Residents encouraged to be MoneySmart and take control of their Finances
011 18/03/2011 Be Aware of Your Rights as a Consumer
010 18/03/2011 Appointments to the Takeovers Panel
009 15/03/2011 New Consumer Information Tools Released on World Consumer Rights Day
008 15/03/2011 Be MoneySmart and take control of your finances
007 07/03/2011 Scams Get Personal
006 03/03/2011 Appointment of Chair of the Financial Reporting Council
005 23/02/2011 Government Introduces Legislation to Give More Power to Shareholders on Executive Remuneration
004 11/02/2011 Decision to Certify the Western Australian Rail Access Regime
003 08/02/2011 Unsafe products permanently banned under Australian Consumer Law
002 27/01/2011 Don't take 'no' for an answer on defective sale items
001 20/01/2011 Decision to Certify the Queensland Rail Access Regime