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David Bradbury

Assistant Treasurer, Minister Assisting for Financial Services & Superannuation and Minister for Competition Policy & Consumer Affairs

5 March 2012 - 18 September 2013

2012 Media Releases

2012 | 2013

172 20/12/2012 Final Report Release on Sharing of Repair Information in the Automotive Industry
171 20/12/2012 Protection from Unfair Terms in General Insurance Contracts
170 19/12/2012 Reappointments of President and Councillors to the National Competition Council
169 18/12/2012 Five Christmas Tips For Consumers
168 17/12/2012 Public consultation on ACNC governance standards and financial reporting regulations
167 17/12/2012 Thousands of Unsafe Toys Stripped from Christmas Shelves
166 14/12/2012 Amendments to Address Issues Arising From Petroleum Resource Rent Tax Litigation
165 14/12/2012 Appointments and Reappointments to the Tax Practitioners Board
164 12/12/2012 Release of Issues Paper on App Inquiry
163 10/12/2012 New Era for Charities Sector Begins
162 10/12/2012 Specialist Reference Group on Ways to Address Tax Minimisation of Multinational Enterprises
161 07/12/2012 Government Welcomes Penalties for Cartel Conduct
160 07/12/2012 Productivity Commission to Benchmark Australia's Major Project Development Assessment Processes
159 07/12/2012 Susan Pascoe Confirmed as New Australian Charities and Not-For-Profits Commissioner
158 07/12/2012 Consultation Commences on Fuel Price Boards
157 06/12/2012 Productivity Commission to Undertake National Study on Regulator Engagement with Small Business
156 05/12/2012 Government to improve productivity through regulatory reform package
155 05/12/2012 Release of Exposure Draft amendments relating to restaurant and café menu surcharges
154 04/12/2012 Leaders to Attend Business Advisory Forum
153 03/12/2012 Independent Charities Commission Commences Operation
152 03/12/2012 Interim Response to Low Value Parcel Processing Taskforce Report
151 30/11/2012 Call for submissions On the use of Standard Business Reporting for Financial Reports
150 29/11/2012 Coalition Clangers 4: Deafening Silence from Economic Policy Lightweights
149 29/11/2012 Government Clarifies Native Title Tax Treatment
148 28/11/2012 Surge in Standard Business Reporting take-up
147 27/11/2012 Appointment of Chair to the Board of Taxation
146 27/11/2012 Coalition clangers 3: Policy lightweights continue their economic comedy routine
145 26/11/2012 Recommendation to appoint Mr Peter Harris as Chair of the Productivity Commission
144 22/11/2012 Progressing reforms to Australia's transfer pricing rules
143 16/11/2012 Maintaining the Effectiveness of the General Anti Avoidance Rule - Exposure Draft
142 14/11/2012 Gillard Government Investing in the Future of Hobart
141 14/11/2012 Hobart tax help volunteers acknowledged
140 12/11/2012 Small, High Powered Magnets Banned
139 12/11/2012 Appointment of Mr Chris Jordan AO as Commissioner of Taxation
138 07/11/2012 Coalition Clangers No. 2: Abbott and Hockey Perform the Same Tired Old Laurel and Hardy Routine
137 06/11/2012 Local Page Charities Hear about New Reforms to Support the Sector and Cut Red Tape
136 05/11/2012 Declaration of a Disaster for the Purposes of Tax Deductibility – Hurricane Sandy
135 05/11/2012 New Inquiry to look at Consumer Experiences with Mobile Commerce and 'Apps'
134 02/11/2012 Not-For-Profit Sector Tax Concession Working Group Discussion Paper Released
133 02/11/2012 Consultations on the National Foreign Ownership Register for Agricultural Land Begin
132 02/11/2012 Hockey’s Hollow Words on Surplus, Rates
131 02/11/2012 Abbott Resorts to Recyling Ideas
130 01/11/2012 Cutting Visa Red Tape
129 31/10/2012 Australian Charities and Not-For-Profits Commission (ACNC) Passes the Senate
128 30/10/2012 Australia Post Launches into Digital Age
127 30/10/2012 Coalition Clangers No. 1: Sloppy Joe Needs a MYEFO 101
126 29/10/2012 Amount of Lost and Unclaimed Super Falls for the First Time
125 25/10/2012 Productivity Commission Inquiry into the National Access Regime
124 24/10/2012 Conclusion of term for Tax Commissioner Mr Michael D'Ascenzo AO
123 24/10/2012 Significant Step Forward for Trust Reforms
122 24/10/2012 Charities to Benefit from Removal of ASIC Annual Fees
121 23/10/2012 Implementation of a National Foreign Ownership Register for Agricultural Land
120 22/10/2012 Monthly Company Tax Instalments for Large Companies
119 18/10/2012 Engagement on Good Consultation and Good Governance
118 18/10/2012 Draft PC Report Urges Electricity Reforms
117 17/10/2012 New Charities Commission to Drive Red Tape Reduction
116 11/10/2012 Government Delivering Real Reductions in Red Tape for Charities
115 10/10/2012 Hockey Keeps on Talking Economy Down
114 05/10/2012 Australia Ratifies Multilateral Tax Cooperation Agreement
113 04/10/2012 Inspector-General's Review into the Australian Taxation Office’s use of Benchmarking to target the Cash Economy
112 03/10/2012 Five interest rate facts Tony Abbott wants to forget
111 28/09/2012 Win for Consumer Rights in Door-To-Door Sales Case
110 27/09/2012 New Inquiry into Exploration
109 25/09/2012 Improving Food Sector Relations
108 21/09/2012 Delay to Commencement of Australian Charities and Not-For-Profits Commission
107 20/09/2012 Abbott telling tall tales on Economic Growth
106 19/09/2012 Reforms to Living-Away-From-Home Allowances and Benefits Passed by the Parliament
105 19/09/2012 Labor Moves to Ban Gag Clauses in Not-for-profit Sector
104 19/09/2012 Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission Passes House of Representatives
103 18/09/2012 Coalition Trying to Wreck Not-For-Profit Reform
102 14/09/2012 Retirement of Mr Gary Banks AO from the Productivity Commission
101 14/09/2012 Appointment of Full-time Second Commissioner to the Australian Taxation Office
100 13/09/2012 Nationals to drive up taxes for hard-working Australians
099 13/09/2012 Liberal Hypocrisy on Tax Exposed
098 12/09/2012 Hockey Splits With Abbott on his Plan to Jack up Company Tax
097 07/09/2012 Board of Taxation Reports Released
096 06/09/2012 Low Value Parcel Processing Taskforce Report Released
095 04/09/2012 Hockey Declares War on Nationals Leadership
094 03/09/2012 Coalition Division of Foreign Investment Deepens
093 25/08/2012 Abbott again takes aim at Tassie's GST
092 23/08/2012 Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission Legislation Introduced
091 23/08/2012 Exposure Draft Legislation and Explanatory Material for Company Loss Carry-Back
090 22/08/2012 Online Dating Scams Cause Financial Damage
089 22/08/2012 Proposed Ban for Small, High-Powered Magnets
088 21/08/2012 Government Welcomes Passage of Reforms to Living-Away-From-Home Allowances and Benefits Through the House of Representatives
087 20/08/2012 Transfer Pricing Laws Pass the Parliament
086 17/08/2012 Refunding Excess GST - Exposure Draft Legislation
085 16/08/2012 Draft Legislation Released for Clean Building Managed Investment Trusts
084 06/08/2012 Tony Abbott's Scare Campaign Exposed Again
083 03/08/2012 Consultation on R&D Quarterly Credits
082 01/08/2012 Better Regulation Ministerial Partnership: Review of Excise Equivalent Goods
081 31/07/2012 Inspector-General Of Taxation Review: The Australian Taxation Office's Use of Early and Alternate Dispute Resolution
080 30/07/2012 Gillard Government Progresses Trust Reforms
079 27/07/2012 Release of Exposure Draft Materials to Provide Clarity on the Tax Treatment of Native Title Benefits
078 24/07/2012 Declaration of a Disaster for the Purposes of Tax Deductibility - Italian Earthquakes
077 19/07/2012 New Funding for ABS to Track Online Retail Sales
076 18/07/2012 Coalition Should Get Behind Foreign Investment Register
075 18/07/2012 Retail Council of Australia Meets in Sydney
074 18/07/2012 Release of Discussion Paper for 'Improving Access to Company Losses - Loss Carry Back'
073 13/07/2012 Consultation Material for Taxation of Sustainable Water Use and Infrastructure Arrangements
072 13/07/2012 Retail Council of Australia Membership
071 13/07/2012 Claims of GST on Carbon Permits Wrong
070 10/07/2012 New Digital Resources to Help Students Understand Tax and Super
069 09/07/2012 Spreading the Benefits of the Boom to Blair
068 09/07/2012 Opposition should apologise for funeral claims
067 09/07/2012 Families Don't Deserve Misleading Funeral Claims
066 06/07/2012 Draft Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) Bill Referred to House Standing Committee on Economics
065 06/07/2012 Work Proceeds on Fuel Board Regulations
064 06/07/2012 Final Report Released on Gift Cards in the Australian Market
063 05/07/2012 Clarity for producer offset documentaries
062 02/07/2012 Parents Warned on Dangers of High-Powered Magnets
061 29/06/2012 Reappointments of Part-Time Members to the Board of Taxation
060 29/06/2012 Tax Time 2012 Approaching
059 29/06/2012 Balancing Access to Technology and Innovation
058 29/06/2012 Reforms to Conservation Tillage Offset
057 29/06/2012 Continued Consultation to Protect the Integrity of the Wine Equalisation Tax (WET) Rebate
056 28/06/2012 Tax Laws Amendments Pass the Parliament
055 28/06/2012 Tax Changes to Living-away-from-home Allowances and Benefits Introduced into Parliament
054 28/06/2012 Commonwealth to Work With States and Territories on Fuel Price Boards
053 27/06/2012 Withholding Tax Rate Bill Wins Senate Support
052 25/06/2012 Coalition Relying on Flawed Data to Oppose Withholding Tax Changes
051 21/06/2012 Tax Bills Proceed Through Parliament
050 21/06/2012 Withholding Tax Changes Bill Introduced Into Parliament
049 20/06/2012 Managed Investment Trust Changes to be Considered by Parliament
048 19/06/2012 Increased Support for LPG and LNG to Transition to Carbon Pricing Mechanism
047 15/06/2012 Gillard Government to Consult on Foreign Ownership Register for Agricultural Land
046 14/06/2012 Spreading the Benefits of the Boom to Wakefield
045 13/06/2012 Regulation Reform Report Released
044 12/06/2012 Government welcomes ACNC Taskforce Implementation Report
043 06/06/2012 Government to Nominate Ms Susan Pascoe AM as Inaugural Commissioner of the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission
042 06/06/2012 Joe Hockey Stands up for the Banks Once Again
041 05/06/2012 Hockey Two-faced on Interest Rates
040 31/05/2012 Call for Submission on Discussion Paper for The Review Of The National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme
039 31/05/2012 Dale Boucher to conclude term as Chair of the Tax Practitioners Board
038 29/05/2012 Cormann needs to come clean on withholding Tax
037 24/05/2012 Tax Laws Amendments introduced into Parliament
036 24/05/2012 Board of Taxation to review permanent establishment attribution rules
035 24/05/2012 Transfer pricing laws introduced into Parliament
034 24/05/2012 Coalition hypocrisy on withholding tax
033 18/05/2012 Board of Taxation to Conduct a Post-Implementation Review of Division 7A
032 17/05/2012 Staging the introduction of regulatory reform for the not-for-profit sector
031 17/05/2012 Abbott has no idea on taxes, spending and interest rates
030 16/05/2012 Appointment of the Hon Justice Lindsay Foster as a Deputy President of the Australian Competition Tribunal
029 15/05/2012 Reform of Living-Away-From-Home Allowances and Benefits - Draft Legislation Released for Consultation
028 15/05/2012 Expert Roundtable to assist in clarifying the operation of the Income Tax General Anti-avoidance rule
027 15/05/2012 Ms Delia Rickard appointed as a full-time Deputy Chairperson of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
026 10/05/2012 Decision on the applications for declaration of jet fuel infrastructure facilities servicing Sydney airport
025 08/05/2012 2012-13 Budget builds on growing record of tax reform
024 08/05/2012 Maintaining the Cross-Agency Approach to Preventing Abuse of Secrecy Jurisdictions (Project Wickenby) and Other Tax Compliance Measures
023 08/05/2012 Resourcing ASIC to continue strong market supervision
022 06/05/2012 Tax relief for businesses in our patchwork economy
021 02/05/2012 GST treatment of Australian taxes, fees and charges - exposure draft regulations
020 30/04/2012 Exemption for financial advisers providing tax advice extended
019 24/04/2012 $40 million in assets seized including Rolls Royces, yachts, a Lamborghini and an Aston Martin
018 24/04/2012 Inspector-General's review into the Australian Taxation Office's compliance approaches to small and medium enterprises and high wealth individuals
017 18/04/2012 Exposure Draft Legislation for Changes to the Income Tax Law Affecting Consolidated Groups
016 18/04/2012 Protecting Worker's Entitlements and Strengthening Director Obligations
015 17/04/2012 Consultation on Restating and Standardising the Special Conditions for Tax Concession Entities
014 13/04/2012 COAG takes important step to progress not-for-profit reforms
013 12/04/2012 Business advisory forum agrees to cut red tape
012 11/04/2012 Business leaders in Canberra for deregulation forum
011 03/04/2012 Parents warned about button battery hazards
010 02/04/2012 Tony Abbott Finally Admits His Tax on Business
009 30/03/2012 Extended start date for 2011-12 Budget measure to better target not-for-profit tax concessions
008 28/03/2012 Hockey Tries to Deny $70 Billion Budget Crater
007 23/03/2012 Government Nominates Delia Rickard as a Full-Time Deputy Chairperson of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
006 16/03/2012 Draft Amendments To Transfer Pricing Regime Released For Consultation
005 15/03/2012 Australian Consumers Mark the 50th Anniversary of World Consumer Rights Day
004 14/03/2012 Inspector-General's Review Into the Australian Taxation Office's Administration of Class Rulings
003 09/03/2012 Declaration of the March 2012 New South Wales and Victorian Floods as Disasters for Tax Purposes
002 06/03/2012 Business Leaders to Join New Deregulation Dialogue
001 02/03/2012 Appointment as Minister