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Peter Costello


11 March 1996 - 3 December 2007

2004 Transcripts

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174 21/12/2004 Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook, Competition Policy, Tax, China, Oil, Childcare, Telstra, Future Fund, Inflation, Prime Minister, Trades, GST, NSW Vendor Tax, WMC/Xstrata - Press Conference, Parliament House, Canberra
173 20/12/2004 Child care rebate, Prime Minister - Doorstop Interview, Parliament House, Canberra
172 09/12/2004 Labour force figures - Doorstop Interview, Parliament House, Canberra
171 02/12/2004 Economy, Telstra, Eureka - Interview with Neil Mitchell, 3AW
170 02/12/2004 Economy, Telstra - Interview with Catherine McGrath, ABC AM
169 02/12/2004 Telstra, Consumer Spending, Exports - Interview with Tracey Grimshaw, Today Show, Channel 9
168 01/12/2004 National Accounts September Quarter 2004, Economy, Telstra - Press Conference, Parliament House, Canberra
167 25/11/2004 Productivity Commission Report into Ageing, James Hardie, Michael Long - Interview with Steve Price, 2UE
166 25/11/2004 Productivity Commission Draft Report on Ageing - Press Conference, Commonwealth Parliament Offices, Sydney
165 25/11/2004 Draft Productivity Commission Report on Population Ageing, Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, Exchange Rates, Bank Secrecy - Interview with Alexandra Kirk, ABC FM
164 11/11/2004 Labour Force; industrial relations reform; disability support pension; company tax; US interest rates; skills shortages - Press Conference, Treasury Place, Melbourne
163 09/11/2004 Economy, Petrol prices and executive pay - Press Conference, Treasury Place, Melbourne
162 08/11/2004 Economy, petrol prices, wage rises, abortion, Reserve Bank Board - Doorstop Interview, Treasury Place, Melbourne
161 29/10/2004 Senate, Telstra, Great Barrier Reef, James Hardie, tax deductibility, aged pension, housing affordability, religion, Scoresby, Roads of National Importance - Interview with Jon Faine, ABC 3LO
160 28/10/2004 Blood donation, Senate election results, Telstra - Doorstop Interview, Red Cross Blood Service, Southbank, Melbourne
159 28/10/2004 Election, economy, petrol prices, ethanol, competition policy, water, health, schools, Labor Party - Interview with Alan Jones, Radio 2GB
158 27/10/2004 September Quarter 2004 Consumer Price Index, Oil Prices - Press Conference, Melbourne
157 11/10/2004 Election - Interview with Ray Hadley, Radio 2GB
156 11/10/2004 Leadership, election, Telstra, industrial relations reform, Scoresby tolls, economy - Interview with Neil Mitchell, 3AW
155 08/10/2004 Medicare 'Gold' unfunded and unsustainable - Press conference, Melbourne
154 08/10/2004 Scoresby Freeway, Costings - Doorstop Interview on site of Scoresby Freeway
153 08/10/2004 Labor's failure to fully cost promises - Interview with Chris Bath, Channel 7
152 07/10/2004 Ballarat Prisoner of War Memorial, Deer Park By-Pass, Family First, Labour Force Figures, World Oil Prices - Doorstop Interview, Ballarat
151 07/10/2004 Labor's costings, Economy, Iraq, Tasmanian forests - Interview with Jon Faine, 3L0 ABC Radio
150 06/10/2004 Advertising, Latham and Liverpool, Medicare Gold - Interview with Philip Clark, Radio 2GB
149 06/10/2004 Interest rates; economic management, costings, industrial relations - Press Conference, Treasury Place, Melbourne
148 06/10/2004 Costings, Superannuation, Tax Cuts, Simplification of the Tax Act - Debate with Simon Crean, Sunrise, Channel 7
147 05/10/2004 Hole in Medicare Gold, Carmen Lawrence and interest rates - Doorstop Interview, Caulfield RSL Club
146 02/10/2004 Charter of Budget Honesty; Election; Economy - Doorstop Interview, Treasury Place, Melbourne
145 30/09/2004 Interest Rates; Good Economic Management; Candidate for Goldstein, Andrew Robb; Labor's Medicare Policy - Doorstop Interview, Melbourne
144 30/09/2004 Labor's Medicare Plans, Pension Indexation, Labor's Failed Economic Management, Labor Policy Costings Sham - Interview with Mike Carlton, Radio 2UE
143 29/09/2004 State GST Windfalls, Oil Prices, International Trade in Goods and Services, Strong Economic Management, Liberal Candidate for Stirling, Michael Keenan - Doorstop Interview, Perth
142 29/09/2004 Access Economics; Economy; Taxation; Superannuation Surcharge; Liverpool Council; Economic management; Interest rates; Petrol prices - Interview with Paul Murray, Radio 6PR
141 28/09/2004 ALP Advertisements; The Greens; Interest Rates; The Economy; Childcare; Taxation; Private Health Insurance - Interview with Liam Bartlett, ABC Radio 720
140 27/09/2004 Tech schools policy, schools funding, Labor costings, childcare - Interview with Ray Hadley, Radio 2GB
139 27/09/2004 Coalition's Election 2004 campaign launch, Budget surpluses, Childcare, Tech Schools policy, drugs, James Hardie, economic management - Interview with Neil Mitchell, Radio 3AW
138 23/09/2004 Housing market, economic management, Labor's tax policy costing black hole - Doorstop Interview, Queanbeyan
137 23/09/2004 Labor's tax policy costing black hole - Interview with Catherine McGrath, AM Programme, ABC Radio
136 23/09/2004 Economy; Taxation; National Water Initiative; Mental Health Funding; Labor's Tax Hoax; Tax Office Compliance - Interview with Alan Jones, Radio 2GB
135 22/09/2004 Labor's tax policy costing black hole, Charter of Budget Honesty - Press Conference, Parliament House, Canberra
134 22/09/2004 Debate Between Peter Costello and Simon Crean - National Press Club, Canberra
133 21/09/2004 Forestry policy, election, James Hardie, pre-emptive strikes - Doorstop Interview, Launceston
132 21/09/2004 Michael Ferguson; Medicare Safety Net; Old Growth Logging; Regional Airport Security; Hospitals; Economic Management; Labor's Tax Hoax; School Funding - Interview with Tim Cox, ABC Statewide Mornings (Tasmania)
131 20/09/2004 Labor's Schools policy, election preferences, Mark Latham - Doorstop Interview, Adelaide
130 20/09/2004 Liverpool Council; Economy; Mark Latham - Interview with Jeremy Cordeaux, Radio 5DN
129 20/09/2004 Liverpool Council - Interview with Steve Liebmann, Today Show, Channel 9
128 17/09/2004 Windfall GST Revenue to the States, Labor's Schools Policy - Interview with Steve Price, Radio 2UE
127 17/09/2004 State GST Windfalls, Scoresby Freeway, Competition Policy, Coalition Campaign - Press Conference, Treasury Place, Melbourne
126 17/09/2004 Pakenham By-pass, State GST Windfall - Doorstop Interview, Pakenham
125 15/09/2004 ALP School Policy; Pauline Hanson - Interview with Ross Warneke, Radio 3AW
124 15/09/2004 Latham and the Economy. Good Luck!; Labor's schools hit-list - Doorstop Interview, Lewisham
123 14/09/2004 Labor's Tax Policy; Housing Figures - Doorstop Interview, Eight Mile Plains
122 13/09/2004 Disadvantaged under Labor's tax policy, Mature Age Tax Offset, Superannuation Co-contribution, Zone Rebates, Economy, Family Tax Benefit - Interview with Ingrid Just, ABC Rockhampton
121 13/09/2004 Debate; Labor's Tax Policy; Terrorism - Doorstop Interview, North Lakes
120 12/09/2004 Debate; Labor's Tax Policy; Terrorist Attack in Jakarta - Doorstop interview, Treasury Place, Melbourne
119 10/09/2004 FBO, PEFO, Economy, Future Fund, Indonesian Banking - Press Conference, Treasury Place, Melbourne
118 09/09/2004 Doorstop interview with the Prime Minister and the Treasurer, Frankston, Victoria
117 09/09/2004 State of the Budget, Labor's tax policy hoax; Coalition's low interest rate record; First Home Owners Scheme; Labor's childcare deceit - Interview with Matthew Abraham and David Bevan, Radio 5AN
116 08/09/2004 Scoresby Freeway funding; Labor's tax policy hoax - Interview with Steve Murphy, Radio 3AW
115 08/09/2004 Labor's tax policy hoax - Interview with George Moore, Radio 2UE
114 08/09/2004 Labor's tax policy hoax - Interview with Alan Jones, Radio 2GB
113 08/09/2004 ALP Tax Policy - Interview with Steve Liebmann, Today, Channel 9
112 07/09/2004 ALP Tax Policy - Interview with Mark Colvin, PM Programme, ABC Radio
111 07/09/2004 Labor's Tax Policy - Press Conference, Prime Minister's Office, Sydney
110 07/09/2004 Economic Management; Interest Rates; Election - Interview with Dwayne and Sarah, Radio 2GO
109 04/09/2004 Terrorism, campaign, environment - Doorstop interview, Malvern, Victoria
108 04/09/2004 Economic management, the ALP's interest rate pledge - Official election campaign launch of Peter Costello
107 03/09/2004 Economic management, the ALP's interest rate pledge, Labor's payroll tax - Official election campaign launch of Trish Worth
106 03/09/2004 Trish Worth; Interest Rates; Economy; Spending; Petrol; Leadership - Interview with Keith Conlon and Tony Pilkington, Radio 5AA
105 02/09/2004 Economy; Interest Rates; ALP - Interview with Tim Lester, 7.30 Report, ABC TV
104 02/09/2004 Scoresby Freeway, Latham's broken promise, Medicare Safety Net, interest rates - Press Conference, Treasury Place, Melbourne
103 01/09/2004 National Accounts June Quarter 2004, economic management, Budget, housing, interest rates, costings, Medicare Safety Net, Galt - Press Conference, Parliament House, Canberra
102 Small business survey, economic management, international trade in goods and services, Labor's Charter of Campaign Honesty, Mark Latham's invective and personal abuse, Parliamentary standards, advertising campaign, leadership,
101 30/08/2004 Leadership, economic management, interest rates, children overboard, oil prices, GST - Interview with Neil Mitchell, Radio 3AW
100 31/08/2004 Leadership; Economic Management; Election; GST - Interview with Mike Carlton, Radio 2UE
099 26/08/2004 Republic, illegal immigration, employment, water, oil, economic policy - Interview with Chris Smith, 2GB Radio
098 25/08/2004 Skilled vacancies, construction data, Simon Crean, Labor’s tax policy, retirement savings, Australian dollar, US Free Trade Agreement, interest rates, immigration, Republic - Doorstop Interview, Sydney
097 23/08/2004 Politics, University, Industrial Relations, Poverty, Republic, Immigration, Religion, Free Trade Agreement - Interview with Michael Duffy, Radio National
096 12/08/2004 Labour force, jobs, Telstra, economy - Doorstop Interview, Parliament House, Canberra
095 11/08/2004 Interest rates, consumer sentiment, oil prices, election, economic policy, inflation, Iraq, James Hardie - Doorstop Interview, Canberra
094 06/08/2004 US Free Trade Agreement, Superannuation, James Hardie - Interview with Jon Faine, 3LO
093 29/07/2004 Family Court, Child Support Agency, Free Trade Agreement, Medicare, Deductible Gift Recipient Status, Election - Interview with John Mackenzie, AM 846, Cairns
092 29/07/2004 Visit to Leichhardt, Economy, Family Court, Ross Garnaut, Sugar industry, Tourism industry - Muddy’s Playground, Cairns Esplanade Foreshore, Cairns
091 28/07/2004 June Quarter 2004 Consumer Price Index (CPI), Australian Economy, Interest Rates, Australia - United States Free Trade Agreement, 2004-05 Budget, Sudan, Troop Deployments, Woodside, Federal Election - Doorstop Interview, Douglas
090 27/07/2004 Liverpool Council, Latham, Free Trade Agreements, gambling - Doorstop Interview, Treasury Place, Melbourne
089 26/07/2004 McMillan, telecommunications, dairy industry, family payments, Prime Minister's birthday - Doorstop Interview, Leongatha
088 24/07/2004 Bali Bombings, industrial relations reform - Doorstop Interview, Victoria
087 23/07/2004 Latham; Liverpool Council; Flood Report; Family Tax Benefits Payments
086 22/07/2004 Election, ALP Election promises
085 22/07/2004 Drugs in sport, credit card debt, housing, superannuation, election
084 20/07/2004 Latham, economic management, election, Liverpool Council
083 19/07/2004 BounceBack, sports, exercise, university, apprenticeships
082 19/07/2004 Transport Industry, Auslink, Excise, House Prices, Interest Rates, Free Trade Agreement
081 14/07/2004 Economy; Goldstein; Nuclear waste
080 13/07/2004 Labor Costings; FOI; Superannuation; Kim Beazley; Iraq
079 09/07/2004 June Labour Force figures, Budget, election
078 07/07/2004 Values, Mark Latham, politics, interest rates, Budget, financial management, Family Tax Benefit, GST, State taxes, water policy, election - Interview with Alan Jones 2GB
077 06/07/2004 Church, Mark Latham, Liverpool Council, Economy, Election - Interview with John Laws
076 29/06/2004 Family Payments, flow-through shares, diesel tax, tax cuts, Australian Prospectors and Miners Hall of Fame - Interview with Steve Mills 2KG FM
075 28/06/2004 Kalgoorlie, baby bonus, Government advertising, troop withdrawal
074 25/06/2004 News Corp; Australian Stock Exchange; Workers Compensation
073 23/06/2004 Trade Practices Act; Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme; Free Trade Agreement; Housing
072 20/06/2004 Jim Bacon, Interest Rates, Bank Disclosure to Customers, Centenary House - Doorstop Interview, The International of Brighton
071 18/06/2004 Arts funding, Iraq, childhood obesity, baby payment, road funding, Scoresby - Doorstop Interview, National Institute of Circus Arts
070 11/06/2004 Medical research funding, jobs, economy, Peter Garrett - Doorstop Interview, Parkville
069 07/06/2004 AusLink, Scoresby, Peter Garrett, fuel discount coupons - Press conference, Geelong
068 02/06/2004 National Accounts March Quarter 2004, economic growth, drug barons, police corruption, ministerial advice, Labor tax policy - Press conference, Canberra
067 30/05/2004 Drug dealers and crime in Victoria
066 21/05/2004 Family Tax Benefit, Labor Party Tax Policy - Doorstop Interview, Albany Creek
065 19/05/2004 Windfall GST revenue to the States; Mitsubishi; politicians' travel entitlements; Shadow Treasurer's National Press Club speech; South Australian marginal seats - Doorstop Interview, Adelaide
064 19/05/2004 Wine Equalisation Tax relief, Budget, tax cuts, Liberal candidate for Kingston, Labor's response on tax - Doorstop Interview, McLaren Flat
063 18/05/2004 Budget - Interview with Michaela Carr, 6WF/ABC
062 17/05/2004 Iraq; Budget; Tax Cuts; Ageing Population; Defence and Security spending; Superannuation; Petrol Prices - Interview with Paul Murray, 6PR
061 17/05/2004 Oil Prices; Mitsubishi; Labor’s Tax confusion - Doorstop Interview, Perth
060 13/05/2004 Mark Latham’s Budget reply, Reserve Bank board , children in detention centers - Doorstop Interview, Melbourne
059 13/05/2004 Mr Latham's Budget reply - Doorstop Interview, Ministerial Entrance, Parliament House
058 13/05/2004 April Labour Force figures, interest rates, Senate obstructionism, tax cuts, Budget
057 12/05/2004 Budget - Interview with Ross Stevenson & John Burns, 3AW
056 12/05/2004 Budget - Interview with Paul Murray, 6PR
055 12/05/2004 Budget - Interview with Jeremy Cordeaux, 5DN
054 12/05/2004 Budget - Interview with Jon Faine, 3LO
053 12/05/2004 Budget - Interview with John Laws, 2UE
052 12/05/2004 Budget - Interview with Peter Thompson, Radio National
051 12/05/2004 Budget - Interview with Alan Jones, 2GB
050 12/05/2004 Budget - Interview with Tracey Grimshaw, Today Show
049 11/05/2004 Budget - Interview with Brendon Trembath - Bloomberg
048 11/05/2004 Budget, economy, leadership - Doorstop Interview - Ministerial Entrance, Parliament House, Canberra
047 11/05/2004 Budget - Budget Lock-up Press Conference - Parliament House, Canberra
046 11/05/2004 Budget - Interview with Rena Sarumpaet, SBS
045 11/05/2004 Budget - Interview with Paul Bongiorno - Channel 10
044 11/05/2004 Budget - Interview with Mark Riley - Channel 7
043 11/05/2004 Budget - Interview with Laurie Oakes - Channel 9
042 11/05/2004 Budget - Interview with Kerry O’Brien, 7.30 Report
041 11/05/2004 Budget - Interview with David Speers, Sky News
040 11/05/2004 Budget - Interview with Catherine McGrath, ABC, PM
039 11/05/2004 Budget, economy, leadership - Doorstop Interview, Ministerial Entrance, Parliament House
038 10/05/2004 Budget, Telstra, leadership - Doorstop Interview, Ministerial Entrance, Parliament House
037 06/05/2004 Retail trade, economy, Budget - Doorstop Interview, Department of the Treasury
036 04/05/2004 Budget, tax, Access Economics, trade, housing, Canberra - Doorstop interview, Gary Humphries' Electorate Office, Canberra City
035 March Quarter 2004 Consumer Price Index (CPI), Australian Economy, Interest Rates, Mitsubishi, National Australia Bank, Australian Broadcasting Authority, Singapore Trade, World Economy - Doorstop interview, Treasury Place, Melbourne [28/04/20
034 28/04/2004 IMF, US-Australia Free Trade Agreement, China, Federal Budget, Mark Latham - Doorstop interview, Washington DC
033 23/04/2004 Mr Latham’s Plagiarism, Economy - Interview with Matt Brown, ABC AM
032 13/04/2004 Labor’s land taxes; stamp duty; capital gains tax; negative gearing; Iraq - Interview with Alan Jones, 2GB
031 08/04/2004 March Labour Force figures; employment; economy; News Corporation; insider trading; New South Wales Budget - Doorstop Interview
030 07/04/2004 Stamp duty, New South Wales taxes, home ownership - Interview with John Laws 2UE
029 31/03/2004 Retail trade figures; credit figures; Labor's Baby Care Payment; costing errors; Labor's payroll tax increase - Doorstop Interview, Parliament House, Canberra
028 26/03/2004 Ministerial Council Meeting; abolition of Bank Accounts Debits tax; distribution of GST to the States; review of CGC methodology; review of stamp duties; special purpose payments - Doorstop Interview, Parliament House, Canberra
027 26/03/2004 Commonwealth Grants Commission; GST - Doorstop Interview, Parliament House, Canberra
026 17/03/2004 Superannuation; terrorism; football rape allegations; abortion - Interview with John Laws, 2UE
025 16/03/2004 Pensions; superannuation; budget; household debt - Doorstop Interview, Parliament House, Canberra
024 08/03/2004 Football Rape Allegations - Doorstop Interview, Parliament House, Canberra
023 07/03/2004 Labor's Tax Agenda; Leadership; NSW Funding - Doorstop Interview, Treasury Place, Melbourne
022 04/03/2004 Australia's Demographic Challenges; Economy; Commonwealth Grants Commission; Unemployment; Job Network - Interview with Jon Faine, ABC Radio
021 04/03/2004 Economic Policy; Tax Cuts; Budget; Commonwealth Grants Commission; GST Revenue - Interview with Steve Liebmann, Today Show
020 03/03/2004 National Accounts December Quarter 2003; Distribution of GST Revenue; Mark Latham's Economic Policies; Personal Tax Rates, Sugar Industry Assistance - Press Conference, Parliament House, Canberra
019 26/02/2004 Superannuation changes; Australia's Demographic Challenges - Interview with John Laws, 2UE Radio
018 26/02/2004 Australia's Demographic Challenges, Superannuation Changes, Superannuation Fees, Competition Policy - Doorstop Interview, Brisbane
017 26/02/2004 Superannuation Changes; Australia's Demographic Challenges; Taxation; Mark Latham; Wentworth Pre-selection - Interview with Sally Loane, ABC 702
016 26/02/2004 Politicians' and Judges' Superannuation; Australia's Demographic Challenges; Taxation; Superannuation Changes; Mark Latham - Interview with Alan Jones, 2GB
015 25/02/2004 Demographic change, Immigration, Superannuation, Fertility - Interview with Kerry O'Brien, 7.30 Report
014 25/02/2004 Australia's Demographic Challenges
013 11/02/2004 Free Trade Agreement, Sugar, MPs Superannuation
012 30/01/2004 Enhancing the Trans-Tasman Business Environment; framework for enhancing competition; advisory group on accounting standards; prudential regulation; tax information exchange; common currency; Latham's speech gaffe
011 29/01/2004 Latham's Speech Gaffe - Interview, Parliament House, Canberra
010 28/01/2004 CPI; Australian Dollar; Economy; NAB; Education; Asian Bird Virus - Doorstop Interview, Melbourne
009 27/01/2004 Labor’s $2.4 billion costings black hole; Telstra; superannuation surcharge; ALP Conference; Tax relief - Interview with Alexandra Kirk, AM, ABC
008 23/01/2004 Queensland Election, National Australia Bank, Political Donation, Australian Dollar, Schools, David Hookes, Interest Rates, First Home Buyers, Defence Force Golf Courses - Interview with John Miller and Ross Davies, 4BC
007 23/01/2004 Donations, National Australia Bank, Queensland Economy, GST - Interview with Steve Austin, 4QR
006 22/01/2004 Queensland Election, GST, FOI, Roads - Doorstop Interview, Nundah
005 21/01/2004 Car Sales, Education, US Free Trade Agreement - Doorstop Interview, Melbourne
004 20/01/2004 David Hookes, Education, Mark Latham - Interview with Philip Clark, 2GB
003 20/01/2004 David Hookes, Security, Ambulance drivers FBT - Interview with Neil Mitchell, 3AW
002 15/01/2004 Employment figures; petrol prices; State gambling revenues; State GST revenues; SARS; Free Trade Agreement; James Hird - Doorstop Interview, Melbourne
001 14/01/2004 National Australia Bank, Telstra, Missile Defence, Queensland Election - Press Conference, Melbourne