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Picture of Wayne Swan

Wayne Swan

Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer

3 December 2007 - 27 June 2013

2008 Speeches

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046 25/11/2008 'Guarantee Scheme for Large Deposits and Wholesale Funding Appropriation Bill 2008', Second Reading Speech, Canberra
045 21/11/2008 Address to Australia-Israel Chamber of Commerce, Sydney
044 19/11/2008 'Funding Research into Prostate Cancer', Address to Epworth Healthcare
043 18/11/2008 'More Liveable, Productive and Sustainable Cities', Address to the Australian Council of Local Governments
042 30/10/2008 Address to the Per Capita Policy Conference
041 27/10/2008 Address to the Brisbane North Chamber of Commerce
040 17/10/2008 Opening Remarks to the Australian Industry Group Forum
039 10/10/2008 'Adapting Our Architecture to Challenging Times', Address to the Brookings Institution, Washington DC
038 03/10/2008 'A Strong, Competitive Financial System in Uncertain Times', Address to the Association of Independently Owned Financial Planners Conference, Gold Coast, Queensland
037 25/09/2008 Tax Laws Amendment (Education Refund) Bill 2008 - Second Reading Speech - Canberra
036 22/09/2008 Global Economic Turbulence: An Update on the Government's Response - Canberra
035 11/09/2008 'Federalism and the Engine Room of Prosperity' - Australia and New Zealand School of Government Annual Conference, Melbourne
034 09/09/2008 'Nation Building and The Future Economy' - Address to The Infrastructure Association of Queensland Lunch, Brisbane
033 04/09/2008 'The Australian Economy and Global Conditions' - Statement to Parliament, Canberra
032 31/08/2008 Launch of Children's Cancer Institute of Australia's Community Fundraising Campaign, Brisbane
031 23/08/2008 'Positioning Australia in a Two-Speed Global Economy' - Address to the Australian Leadership Retreat, Hayman Island
030 14/08/2008 Address to the Queensland Leaders 2008/2008 Series, Brisbane
029 11/08/2008 'Getting Ahead of The Game' - Address to the Global Foundation, Sydney
028 08/08/2008 'Financial Services and the Modern Economy' - Address to the Investment and Financial Services Association, Gold Coast
027 06/08/2008 9th National Prostate Cancer Symposium, Melbourne
026 04/08/2008 Opening Address to the APEC Structural Reform Ministerial Meeting, Melbourne
025 30/07/2008 'Modern Federalism Not Creeping Centralism', Address to the Institute of Public Administration Queensland Breakfast, Brisbane, Queensland
024 26/07/2008 Address to the luncheon in honour of the 90th anniversary of the Nambour RSL sub-branch and dedication of the Wall of Remembrance
023 18/07/2008 'Closer Economic Relations for the Future', Address to the Trans-Tasman Business Circle Breakfast, Wellington, New Zealand
022 10/07/2008 'A New Generation of Reform', Address to the 30th Anniversary of the LUCRF, Sydney
021 04/07/2008 'Australia, China and This Asian Century', Speech to the Australia-China Business Council, Melbourne
020 28/06/2008 'The Future Versus the Past', Speech to the WA ALP State Conference, Perth
019 11/06/2008 'A Modern Relationship with China', Address to the Central Party School, Communist Party of China
018 10/06/2008 'A Remarkable Place at a Remarkable Time', Address to the China-Australia Chamber of Commerce
017 06/06/2008 'Australia in the Global Economy', Address to the Australian Business Forum
016 02/06/2008 'Ministerial Statement on Financial Stability', Address to the House of Representatives
015 27/05/2008 'First Home Saver Accounts Bill 2008', Second Reading Speech
014 23/05/2008 'Prostate Cancer Awareness', Address to the PA Foundation Awareness Luncheon, Brisbane
013 23/05/2008 'Budget 2008 - Key Performance Indicators', Address to Macquarie Private Wealth, Brisbane
012 20/05/2008 Address to the Australian Institute of Company Directors, Melbourne
011 14/05/2008 '2008-09 Budget', Address to the National Press Club, Canberra
010 13/05/2008 'Budget Speech 2008-09', Parliament House, Canberra
009 20/04/2008 'Future Directions for the Australian Economy', Closing Remarks at the 2020 Summit
008 19/04/2008 'Future Directions for the Australian Economy', Opening remarks at the 2020 Summit
007 27/03/2008 'Modern Federalism and Our National Future', Address to the 2008 Economic and Social Outlook Conference
006 18/03/2008 'Global Market Turbulence and the Australian Economy', Ministerial Statement to the House of Representatives
005 06/03/2008 'New Politics and the Modern Economy', Speech to the Australia - Israel Chamber of Commerce, Sydney
004 26/02/2008 'A Modern Platform for Business', Address to the Business Council of Australia, Melbourne
003 14/02/2008 Tax Laws Amendment (Personal Income Tax Reduction) Bill 2008, House of Representative
002 08/02/2008 Address to the Mick Young Scholarship Trust Dinner, Sydney
001 31/01/2008 'Informing the Modern Economy', Launch Of Sky News Business Channel, Sydney