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Picture of Wayne Swan

Wayne Swan

Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer

3 December 2007 - 27 June 2013

2010 Speeches

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030 08/12/2010 'Applying the Lessons of the Crisis to the Challenges of the Future' - Address to the Financial Services Council Deloitte Leadership Series Lunch, Brisbane
029 24/11/2010 'The Purpose Of Our Politics' - Book Event "All That's Left: What Labor Should Stand For", Canberra
028 27/10/2010 The Second Reading Speech to the Federal Financial Relations Amendment (National Health and Hospitals Network) Bill 2010, Parliament House, Canberra
027 20/10/2010 'Afghanistan' - Ministerial Statement, Parliament House, Canberra
026 18/10/2010 'Ministerial Statement on the Global and Domestic Economies' - Ministerial Statement, Parliament House, Canberra
025 11/10/2010 'The Australian Success Story' - Address to the New York Stock Exchange, New York
024 16/09/2010 'Building on Our Strengths' - Address to the Global Access Partners Economic Summit, Sydney
023 15/07/2010 'Economic Reform for Working People' - Address to the Whitlam Institute and The University of Western Sydney, Sydney
022 08/07/2010 'Small Business: The Engine Room of Our Economy' - Address to the COSBOA National Small Business Summit, Brisbane
021 07/07/2010 'Strengthening, Securing and Broadening the Australian Economy' - Address to the Australian Lebanese Chamber of Commerce, Sydney
020 27/06/2010 'Emerging from the Crisis: the G20 and the Asia-Pacific' – Address to Canada 2020 and the Canadian Australian Chamber of Commerce, Toronto
019 22/06/2010 'Destination Australia' – Address to the Tourism and Transport Forum, Parliament House
018 21/06/2010 'Positioning Australia for the Future – Delivering the Next Wave of Critical Economic Reform' - Address to the Capital Markets Leaders Summit, Parliament House
017 21/06/2010 'An Enduring Partnership' - Address to the Australia-China Economic and Trade Cooperation Forum, Parliament House
016 18/06/2010 'Men's Health in Our Local Community' - Address to the Prince Charles Hospital Foundation, Brisbane
015 16/06/2010 'Keeping The Reform Wheels Turning' - Address to the Canberra International CEO Forum, Canberra
014 11/06/2010 'Australia and India in The Asian Century' - Address to the Australia India Business Council, Brisbane
013 24/05/2010 'A Stronger Economy and a Fairer Share for All Australians' - Ministerial Statement, House of Representatives, Canberra
012 19/05/2010 'Broadening Growth, Securing Our Future' - Address to the NSW Business Chamber, Sydney
011 18/05/2010 'Strengthening the Economy And Securing Growth' - Address to the Property Council of Australia - South Australian Division, Adelaide
010 17/05/2010 Harnessing the Boom - Address to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia, Perth
009 14/05/2010 A Queensland Perspective on the 2010 Budget - Address to the Queensland Media Club, Brisbane
008 12/05/2010 Personal Reflections on the 2010 Budget - Address to the National Press Club, Canberra
007 04/05/2010 Managing Prosperity In The Next Mining Boom - Beyond the 'lucky country' - Address to the Australian Business Economists, Sydney
006 30/04/2010 'Service, Sacrifice and Support' - Address to the Deployed Soldiers Welfare Association, Brisbane
005 25/04/2010 Anzac Dawn Service Remarks, Korean War Memorial, Washington
004 30/03/2010 'The Right Kind Of Growth' - Address to The Queensland Growth Management Summit, Brisbane
003 08/03/2010 'Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Agency Employer of Choice for Women Announcement' - International Women's Day, National Australia Bank, Sydney
002 08/02/2010 'Exit from the Government Guarantee of Large Deposits and Wholesale Funding' - Ministerial Statement, House of Representatives, Canberra
001 01/02/2010 'Australia to 2050: Future Challenges' - Launch of 2010 Intergenerational Report - National Press Club, Canberra