The Crest of the Commonwealth of Australia Treasury Portfolio Ministers
Picture of Wayne Swan

Wayne Swan

Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer

3 December 2007 - 27 June 2013

2009 Treasurer's Economic Notes

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041 24/12/2009 Holiday Message
040 20/12/2009 Copenhagen; National Accounts; The Year in Review
039 13/12/2009 Australian Jobs; Australian Data; COAG Meeting; Foreign Investment; Copenhagen
038 06/12/2009 Climate Change; Reserve Bank; Australian Data; US Unemployment
037 29/11/2009 Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme; Global Economy; Public and Private Investment
036 22/11/2009 Two-Year Anniversary; OECD Report; Skills and the Recovery
035 15/11/2009 Australian Jobs; Consumer and Business Confidence; Euro Area and China; G20, APEC and Indonesia
034 08/11/2009 MYEFO; Reserve Bank; Retail Trade; G20 Finance Ministers' Meeting; US Unemployment
033 01/11/2009 US GDP; Consumer Price Index; Business Investment; Renewable Energy
032 25/10/2009 Climate Change; Tax Reform; New Motor Vehicle Sales; UK and Chinese GDP
031 18/10/2009 Fiscal and Monetary Policy; Apprentice Kickstart; Consumer and Business Confidence
030 11/10/2009 Australian Jobs; Reserve Bank; Economic Stimulus; Competition in the Banking Sector
029 04/10/2009 IMF Reports; Final Budget Outcome; Retail Trade and Building Approvals; Economic Stimulus
028 27/09/2009 Pittsburgh Summit; Financial Stability Review; Australian Commodities; Financial Accounts
027 20/09/2009 OECD Report; Business Confidence; Economic Reforms; Population Ageing
026 13/09/2009 Australian Jobs; Confidence; Retail and Housing Data; Business Innovation
025 06/09/2009 National Accounts; Business Investment; Exports; G20 Finance Ministers' Meeting
024 30/08/2009 Business Investment; Economic Stimulus; Financial Market Reforms; G20 Finance Ministers' Meeting
023 23/08/2009 Gorgon LNG Project; Business Investment; Business Conditions; Global Developments
022 16/08/2009 Overseas Data; Business Confidence; Consumer Confidence
021 09/08/2009 RBA quarterly statement on monetary policy; IMF Statement; Labour Force data; Foreign investment changes; Parliament sitting week preview
020 02/08/2009 Signs of a stabilising US economy; Building approvals supported by stimulus; Australian Economy compares well
019 26/07/2009 UK Economy Slows; June Quarter Inflation Data; Guarantee of State and Territory Borrowing; New Motor Vehicle Sales; Road to Recovery Essay
018 19/07/2009 Positive News from Abroad; Major Challenges Ahead; Implications for Australia; Australia's Response; Economic Stimulus
017 12/07/2009 IMF Reports; Australian Jobs; Consumer Confidence; Housing Boost
016 05/07/2009 BIS Report; Retail Sales; Trade Result; COAG Meeting
015 28/06/2009 World Bank Report; OECD Report; IMF Report; Domestic Data
014 21/06/2009 Economic Stimulus; Supporting Jobs; Jobs Data
013 14/06/2009 Australian Jobs; Housing Finance; Consumer Confidence; Business Confidence
012 07/06/2009 Global Recession; National Accounts; Household Spending; Export Earnings
011 31/05/2009 International News; Public Finances; Business Investment; Construction Work
010 24/05/2009 Australia's Major Trading Partners, Traditional Post-Budget Speech, Budget Roadshow
009 17/05/2009 2009 Budget
008 10/05/2009 Jobs Outcome; Retail Boost; Statement on Monetary Policy
007 03/05/2009 Global Recession, Australian Outlook
006 26/04/2009 G-20 Finance Ministers' Meeting; IMF Forecasts Deeper Global Recession; Impacts on Australia; Impacts on Budgets
005 19/04/2009 China and Singapore; Global Response; Here at Home
004 13/04/2009 Superfast Broadband; Global Recession and Australian Jobs; Interest Rate Cut; Housing Boost
003 05/04/2009 OECD and World Bank Global Growth Forecasts; G-20 Leaders' Summit; Jobs and Training Compact; Mortgage Relief
002 29/03/2009 US, UK and New Zealand; Toxic Assets; RBA Financial Stability Review; Temporary Guarantee of State Borrowing
001 22/03/2009 G-20 Finance Ministers' Meeting; IMF Global Growth Forecasts; Retail Sector Employment; 'Golden Handshake' Reforms