The Crest of the Commonwealth of Australia Treasury Portfolio Ministers
Picture of Wayne Swan

Wayne Swan

Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer

3 December 2007 - 27 June 2013

2010 Treasurer's Economic Notes

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042 19/12/2010 Competitive and Sustainable Banking System, Superannuation, Review of Retail Sector, The Australian Economy in 2010
041 12/12/2010 Labour Force Figures, Competitive and Sustainable Banking Package, Coming up
040 05/12/2010 National Accounts, Banking Competition, National Broadband Network, Climate Change, Coming Up
039 28/11/2010 Strength of Our Economy; Superannuation; Banking Competition; Business Roundtable on Climate Change
038 21/11/2010 OECD Economic Outlook; Resources Boom; Banking Competition; Climate Change Business Roundtable
037 14/11/2010 OECD's 2010 Economic Survey of Australia; Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook (MYEFO); ABS Labour Force – October 2010; G20 Seoul Summit; Banking Competition; Climate Change Committee Meeting
036 07/11/2010 Australian Dollar and Commodity Prices; Banking Competition; Climate change and electricity prices; China meetings and APEC in Japan
035 31/10/2010 Queensland Curtis LNG Project; Visit to North Queensland; Climate change and business certainty; Consumer Price Index; IMF Report
034 24/10/2010 G20 Finance Ministers' Meeting; Climate Change; Banking Competition; Telecommunication Reform; China's Economy and Exports; Super
033 17/10/2010 Investor Briefings in New York; G20 Finance Ministers' Meeting in Korea; Australian Dollar; Employment in the US and Australia; Consumer & Business Confidence; Economic Reform Agenda; Business Roundtable on Climate Change
032 10/10/2010 International Reform in Washington; IMF Reports; Australian Jobs; Trade Surplus and Australian Dollar; Investor Briefings in New York
031 03/10/2010 Rapid Return to Surplus; Financial Stability; Mining Tax Reform; Climate Change Committee and Business Roundtable; Population; International Reform
030 26/09/2010 Final Budget Outcome, US Recession, Commodity Boom Mark II, National Broadband Network, Australian Consumer Law, New Parliament
029 19/09/2010 Overseas Unemployment; Consumer and Business Confidence; Asian Century; National Broadband Network; Gillard Economic Team
028 12/09/2010 Employment Figures; Global Economy; Regional Australia; Strong Economic Team
027 11/07/2010 Australian Economy; Mining Industry Moving Forward; Supporting Small Business; Superannuation Reform; Responsible Economic Management
026 04/07/2010 Minerals Resource Rent Tax; Cost of Living; G20 Leaders' Summit
025 27/06/2010 G20 Leaders' Summit; Tax Cuts; ABARE Report; Resource Super Profits Tax; The Job Ahead
024 20/06/2010 Consultation Process; Scare Campaign; Domestic and Global Outlook; Keeping the Reform Wheels Turning
023 13/06/2010 Snapshots of Our Economy; Regional Infrastructure Fund; RSPT versus Royalties; Asian Century
022 06/06/2010 National Accounts; G20 Finance Ministers' Meeting; Putting Back Into Mining Communities
021 30/05/2010 Australian Economy; Resource Super Profits Tax; Cutting the Company Tax Rate; Support for Small Business and Home Lending
020 23/05/2010 Budget Roadshow; RSPT Myths; RSPT Consultation
019 16/05/2010 Budget; Resource Super Profits Tax; Budget Roadshow
018 09/05/2010 Budget; Resource Super Profits Tax
017 02/05/2010 Historic Tax Reform
016 26/04/2010 G20 Finance Ministers' Meeting; IMF Report; Health Reform; Independent Tax Review; ANZAC Day
015 18/04/2010 Health Reform; Banking Competition and Small Business; G20 Finance Ministers' Meeting
014 11/04/2010 Australian Jobs; Australian Businesses; Reserve Bank; Withdrawal of Stimulus; G20 Finance Ministers' Meeting
013 05/04/2010 Government Revenues; Population and Infrastructure; Removal of Wholesale Bank Guarantee; Fiscal Stimulus and China
012 28/03/2010 Health Reform; RMBS Market Improving; Australian Mutuals Safe and Competitive; Population Growth
011 21/03/2010 Investment in RMBS; Australian Consumer Law; Residential Construction Activity; Business Community and Stimulus
010 14/03/2010 Australian Jobs; Consumer and Business Confidence; Economic Stimulus
009 07/03/2010 National Accounts; National Health and Hospitals Network; Reserve Bank; International Women's Day
008 28/02/2010 Investment; Two-Speed Global Recovery
007 21/02/2010 Business Confidence; Impact of Economic Stimulus; Monetary Policy; Investment in RMBS and Wholesale Funding Guarantee
006 14/02/2010 Australian Jobs; Australian Data; Housing Supply and Affordability; Global Recovery; Climate Change
005 07/02/2010 Bank Guarantee; Reserve Bank; Economic Stimulus; Australian Data; Unemployment Abroad
004 31/01/2010 Intergenerational Report; IMF; UK and US GDP; CPI; Investment in RMBS; Climate Change
003 24/01/2010 Building Activity; Consumer Confidence; World Bank; Chinese GDP; Australia's Future
002 17/01/2010 Australian Jobs; Pipeline of Activity; Housing Finance; Tackling Climate Change
001 10/01/2010 Climate Change; Australian Data