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Picture of Wayne Swan

Wayne Swan

Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer

3 December 2007 - 27 June 2013

2012 Treasurer's Economic Notes

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048 23/12/2012 Christmas Message
047 16/12/2012 Hard Yards on Tax and Transfer Reform; A Shared Responsibility; Preparing for Future Challenges
046 09/12/2012 A resilient economy; ahead of the world; lower interest rates; working together
045 02/12/2012 Investing in the future; building our productivity; delivering for all Australians
044 25/11/2012 Standing tall; building a fairer society
043 18/11/2012 Building a fairer, stronger, more resilient economy; standing tall
042 11/11/2012 Working together; strong, sustainable and balanced growth; meeting future challenges
041 04/11/2012 A fragile recovery; a focus on jobs; the Asian Century
040 28/10/2012 Australia in the Asian Century; lifting prosperity; making responsible savings
039 21/10/2012 Finding responsible savings; the right strategy; building a fairer society
038 14/10/2012 Challenges for global growth; a remarkable achievement; responsible budget management
037 07/10/2012 A more competitive banking system; competing in the global market
036 30/09/2012 A strong, secure and competitive banking system; a critical defence
035 23/09/2012 The facts about our economy; a debate based on facts
034 16/09/2012 Making Room for priorities; finding responsible savings; meeting global challenges
033 09/09/2012 Ahead of the world; 21 years of growth; a focus on jobs; a better school for every child
032 02/09/2012 Delivering on priorities; investments in the future; a standout performer; recognising experience
031 26/08/2012 Building a stronger Australia; spreading the benefits
030 19/08/2012 Investing in the future; the productivity pay-off
029 12/08/2012 A focus on employment; a better banking deal; a position of strength
028 05/08/2012 A land of hope and dreams; advancing the fair go
027 29/07/2012 Sharing a Stake in Our Success, Recognising Our Strengths
026 22/07/2012 New Approaches to New Challenges, Connecting to the World, Shifting to Clean Energy
025 15/07/2012 A Changing China, a consumer boom, meeting new opportunities
024 08/07/2012 The Right Side of History, Living Greener, Powering Ahead, Australia in the Asian Century
023 01/07/2012 The shift to clean energy, spreading the benefits of the mining boom, a better deal on credit cards, getting on with the job
022 24/06/2012 A Market Solution, A Modest Price Impact, Helping the Environment and the Family Budget, The Reality of Pricing Pollution
021 17/06/2012 Australia's Century in Asia, Help for Business Outside the Fast Lane, A Shadow Over the Global Outlook
020 10/06/2012 A great trifecta, investing in the future, a strong economy delivering for Australians
019 03/06/2012 A landmark reform, helping those on low incomes, more Australians in work, a vote of confidence in our economy
018 27/05/2012 A standout economy, Helping pensioners make ends meet, Building a fairer society
017 20/05/2012 Delivering for all Australians, the shift to clean energy, Europe's difficult road ahead
016 13/05/2012 Spreading the Benefits of the Boom; Building a Fairer Society; Support for Reforms
015 06/05/2012 The benefits of a surplus, supporting businesses outside the fast lane, Helping families make ends meet
014 29/04/2012 Support for a surplus, no more rivers of gold, delivering for families
013 22/04/2012 A position of strength; the path to surplus; supporting a strong global economy
012 15/04/2012 A focus on jobs; building a more productive workforce; a balanced Budget
011 08/04/2012 Striking the right balance; a clear, consistent strategy; helping make ends meet
010 01/04/2012 The best defence; balancing the books; building tomorrow's workforce
009 25/03/2012 Investing in the future; skills for all Australians; opportunities in the Asian century; countdown to Budget
008 18/03/2012 A more secure retirement; spreading the benefits of the boom; helping small businesses; building a fairer society
007 11/03/2012 Australia Walks Tall; The Right Strategy; Advancing the Fair Go
006 04/03/2012 Working together; Investing in the Future; Continuing the Conversation
005 26/02/2012 Spreading the benefits of the mining boom; putting a price on pollution; investing in skills and infrastructure; better health outcomes; delivering for all Australians
004 19/02/2012 Rock-solid fundamentals, International cooperation, Sustainable health care
003 12/02/2012 A focus on jobs; a future for manufacturing; helping companies; Queensland and NSW floods
002 05/02/2012 Money in the pocket; a stronger and more competitive banking system; working Australia; keeping our economy strong
001 29/01/2012 Standing tall; a stronger economy for all Australians; a secure retirement; one year on