16 March 2023

ABS to commence regular Time Use Survey in 2024

The Australian Bureau of Statistics will conduct the Time Use Survey on an on-going basis from 2024.

The Time Use Survey is a detailed data collection that records the activities Australians take part in each day, including the amount of time people spend on unpaid work such as caring for children and older people, and doing housework.

Decades ago, Australia was a global pioneer in time use surveys, conducting surveys in 1992, 1997 and 2006 before a sixteen-year hiatus. The most recent survey took place in 2020-21 during the exceptional environment of the COVID pandemic.

Now ABS is re-establishing itself as a leader in time use surveys, introducing a new regular collection that will use a digital approach to allow results to be released more quickly after the conclusion of the survey.

Time use data is a valuable tool for policy development in a number of areas, including issues of gender equity, health, social services, transport, infrastructure, employment, tourism and the arts.

Time use data also informs the work of academics, non-government organisations, and businesses.