3 June 2022

The resignation of Gary Johns

I welcome the news that the Commissioner of the Australian Charities and Not‑for‑profits Commission, Gary Johns, has tendered his resignation.

The Australian Government will now commence a search for a suitable replacement, who can work constructively with charities and non‑profits to not only uphold the laws and regulations, but to strengthen the social fabric.

The election ended the Liberals’ nine‑year war on charities.

The Albanese Government will engage with the sector with respect and creativity, and work to fix fundraising, increase charitable giving and build a stronger charitable sector to support vulnerable Australians. We recognise that it accounts for 10 per cent of employment and a significant amount of GDP, and that charitable advocacy plays a vital role in our democracy.

The Government will run an open and transparent process to identify the best qualified candidate to work with the sector in building a reconnected Australia.