Keynote Address to the ANZ Global Capital Markets Corporate Debt Conference, Hunter Valley

Thanks very much Warwick. In my role as Assistant Treasurer one of my jobs is to be out there communicating with this sort of audience to try and give you a feel for where the government is going.

Keynote Address to the 2014 Insurance Council of Australia Regulatory Update Seminar

Thank you for inviting me to deliver the keynote address to the 2014 Insurance Council of Australia Regulatory Update Seminar.

Keynote Address - ANZ Central Bank and Sovereign Wealth Fund Conference 2014

Thanks very much Richard and I hope that you are not too conferenced out. I’ve had a look at the program, I think it’s a really good program. I think Ian McFarlane spoke to you this morning.

Opening remarks, Council of Councils fifth regional conference, How to Revitalise the G20: A View from the Australian Chair, Lowy Institute Sydney

Thanks very much Michael and thank you Richard for making the trip out and bringing this very august group together.

Opening remarks, G20 – Institute of International Finance Conference, The G20 agenda under the Australian presidency, Sydney

First of all can I add my welcome to all of you coming to Australia.

Announcement of ASX and Bank of China Renminbi agreement

Thanks very much Elmer, fantastic to be here today.

Address to South Australia Liberal Party Luncheon, Sydney

Introduction Thank you for your kind welcome and for the invitation to join you today.

The Context For Australia’s G20 Presidency, CEO Institute Summit, Sydney

Introduction Good morning, it is great to be here with you in a room of such esteemed company.  It is also a great pleasure for me to be speaking with you as Prime Minister Tony Abbott's


Address to the Association of Independently Owned Financial Professionals (AIOFP) National Conference, Hobart, Tasmania

Introduction Thank you for your kind welcome.  It is a pleasure to be in Hobart again.