24 October 2013

90 years on Vegemite is a great story about Australian enterprise


This media release discussed 90 years of Vegemite.

Small Business Minister Bruce Billson has paid tribute to the founding fathers of Vegemite for their entrepreneurial spirit in getting their product to market at the brand’s 90th birthday celebrations in Port Melbourne today.

Vegemite is as unique to Australia as the croissant is to France, the hot dog in the US and spaghetti is to Italy.

Australia has been home to Vegemite since 1923 around the same time construction started on the Sydney Habour Bridge and Old Parliament House, so it has a special place in the nation’s history.

What the Vegemite story shows is that with some Aussie grit and determination anything is possible in business and the Coalition is keen to help out where it can.

It’s why we will remove a $1 billion worth of red-tape out of the economy, axe the carbon tax and cut the company tax rate to create an environment which will see a renaissance in enterprise and innovation.

It’s important we create the right environment for small business men and women to have the confidence to invest, take risks, persevere with enterprise and provide opportunities for others like the founding fathers of Vegemite did 90 years ago.