13 May 2014

Access to the Commonwealth made easier for small business


This media release discusses access to the Commonwealth made easier for small business

The Federal Government has allocated $8 million to establish the Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman, delivering on its election commitment to establish a one-stop-shop for small business into the Commonwealth.

The Abbott Government committed to establish this single entry-point for small businesses to provide an easy way to find out about services and programmes.

The Government is delivering on its promises to repair the Budget and strengthen the economy.

The small business sector hasn't been forgotten in this Budget and by making the right choices today, we create a stronger economy tomorrow with more jobs and a stronger small business sector.

Small businesses can find it difficult to navigate the Commonwealth and its numerous departments, which is why we are moving to this single entry-point model.

The Ombudsman will act as an advocate and will cut compliance burdens and reduce red-tape, meaning small businesses can get on with the job of attending to their customers.

As part of its key responsibilities, the Ombudsman will also be a:

  • concierge for dispute resolution;
  • Commonwealth-wide advocate for small businesses and family enterprises;
  • contributor to the development of small business friendly Commonwealth laws and regulations; and
  • single entry-point agency through which Commonwealth assistance and information regarding small business can be accessed.

The Government in April released a discussion paper canvassing options for the scope of the Ombudsman's functions and powers. More information on the discussion paper and the consultation period can be found via the Treasury website at www.treasury.gov.au.

Repairing the Budget and assisting small business are parts of the Abbott Government's Economic Action Strategy to build a strong, prosperous economy for a safe, secure Australia.