23 April 2014

All eyes on industry with visit from Minister Macfarlane


with the Hon Ian Macfarlane MP
Minister for Industry
Federal Member for Groom

This media release discusses a visit by the Minister for Industry and the Minister for Small Business to Frankston and Carrum Downs.

Local manufacturing and small businesses will today have the attention of two Cabinet Ministers with Minister for Industry, Ian Macfarlane, joining Minister for Small Business, Bruce Billson, visiting businesses in Frankston and Carrum Downs.

The Minister for Small Business said hosting the Minister for Industry in his electorate of Dunkley provided a boost for local business owners.

“There are more than 11,000 small businesses in the electorate of Dunkley and many of these are in the manufacturing sector,” Mr Billson said.

“They have weathered the storm of six years of Labor in which one job was lost in manufacturing every 19 minutes.

"With so much movement in the industry space in the last 12 months, business owners are excited to be able to talk through their concerns and highlight areas of improvement directly with the Minister for Industry."

The Minster for Industry said the Coalition wants to see a strong manufacturing sector in Australia that’s vibrant and sustainable. 

"Businesses here in the electorate of Dunkley produce many products which are distributed nationally and internationally including cereal, milk powder, car parts and eskies to name a few,” Mr Macfarlane said.

"To ensure manufacturing industries can grow and build a new future by capitalising on our competitive strengths, the Government is working to formulate strategies to boost our competitiveness, economic prospects and job opportunities.

“It is essential that Australia focuses on developing new products, new markets and new export opportunities. That's exactly why I am here talking with businesses so we can get the policy settings right," Mr Macfarlane said.

Ministers Macfarlane and Billson will today attend a local Industry roundtable and tour a local manufacturing food plant.