25 November 2013

Welcome boost in small business confidence


This media release discusses the releas of the CPA Australia's fifth annual Asia-Pacific Small Business Survey .

The Federal Government has welcomed a new report showing Australian small business confidence rebounding following the election.

CPA Australia's fifth annual Asia-Pacific Small Business Survey shows around one in five Australian small businesses expect to employ more people in 2014 and a significant proportion expect to invest in new assets over the next 12 months.

The report is encouraging news for a sector that has been doing it tough, weighed down by unnecessary red-tape and struggling as a result of political uncertainty.

Labor oversaw a period where 412,000 jobs were lost in small business while the number of employing small businesses declined by 3,000.

The Government is keen to arrest the deterioration in the small business environment as we look beyond the mining boom.

Small business will play an integral role in the over the horizon economy but that needs to be nurtured by a strong and sensible Government as recommended in this survey.

This is why the Coalition has moved to axe the carbon tax, reduce company tax and cut $1 billion worth of red-tape out of the economy to make our businesses more competitive and productive.

The Asia-Pacific Small Business Survey 2013 is part of a longitudinal study underway since 2009, designed to take the temperature of small businesses throughout the Asia Pacific.