12 May 2009

Review of the Deductible Gift Recipient Registers

The Assistant Treasurer, Chris Bowen MP, has announced tonight that the Government will commence triennial reviews of the four deductible gift recipient (DGR) registers to help improve the integrity of the tax system.

The registers list those eligible cultural organisations, environmental organisations, harm prevention charities and overseas aid organisations which can receive tax deductible donations.

Organisations require the approval of Minister of the relevant department and a Treasury Minister in order to be entered on a register. Taxpayers may claim an income tax deduction for a gift to organisations on the registers.

Introducing regular reviews will ensure the continued relevance and benefit of the DGR registers to the Australian community, and that Australian taxpayers continue to receive value for money by way of tax concessions to organisations on the registers.

The reviews will encompass both the guidelines for, and the organisations listed on, the registers. This will bring the governance of the registers in line with that of other organisations eligible to receive tax deductible gifts that are endorsed and accountable to the Australian Taxation Office, and ensure the continued integrity of Australia’s tax system.

The measure will have an ongoing unquantifiable but small increase in revenue.

The Government appreciates the valuable work organisations listed on the DGR registers provide to the Australian community, and thanks the employees and volunteers associated with these organisations for their important contribution.