27 August 2007

Pearce Welcomes Release of Newly Compiled Census Data

Chris Pearce, the Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer, congratulated the ABS for putting vital Census information back into the hands of all Australians in a very accessible form.

New community profiles compiled by the Australian Bureau of Statistics from the 2006 Census are now available on the Australian Bureau of Statistics website at www.abs.gov.au.  The first three community profiles in the series being uploaded today are:

  • A primary profile consisting of 35 tables of key Census characteristics of persons, families and homes based on place of usual residence;
  • A community profile of Indigenous Australians; and,
  • A time series profile comparing data from the 1996, 2001 and 2006 censuses.

Further community profiles will go on the ABS website from September.

Speaking during a visit to a local primary school in Melbourne today, Mr Pearce noted the 2006 Census of Population and Housing threw open the doors of a vast storehouse of high quality information about our nation and our fellow Australians, completely free of charge.

"Census information is an invaluable tool used by all Australians for all kinds of worthwhile purposes, from planning community infrastructure to students doing assignments," said Mr Pearce.

About a quarter of a billion data items, are now available free of charge on the ABS website. The Census specific home page was being accessed by an average of 1,689 people every day in July.

The Parliamentary Secretary was visiting the Regency Park Primary School in Wantirna to view the work of Grade 6 children who had been following the progress of last year’s Census and their CensusAtSchool project, which allowed them to access real data about Australian school students.

27 August 2007


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