25 July 2013

ACCC Commissioner Joe Dimasi

ACCC Commissioner Mr Joe Dimasi has today informed the Government that he will not seek reappointment to his position, due to expire in November this year.

The Government would like to thank Mr Dimasi, who acted as the petrol commissioner, for his work at the ACCC during his five-year term as a Commissioner and for his long contribution to competition policy in Australia.

The Government recognises the importance of petrol prices to the Australian community and the economy and has therefore requested that the ACCC Chairman, Mr Rod Sims, take direct responsibility for overseeing the ACCC's fuel monitoring role.

The Government is committed to promoting competition and transparency in Australia's fuel markets and has provided funding to the ACCC each year since 2007 to monitor the fuel market.  As a result of this monitoring, the ACCC last year launched one of the largest ever investigations into price information sharing arrangements in the petrol market. The ACCC is also currently investigating the use of 'shopper dockets' and their potential for longer term impacts on competition and consumers.

The Government has also provided the ACCC with additional funding of $17.4m to assist it in investigating substantial matters of public interest.

The Government will shortly write to the States and Territories seeking nominations for a new ACCC Commissioner.