1 November 2021

Director IDs now available online for 2.7 million Australians

Australia’s 2.7 million company directors can now quickly and easily apply for their new Director identification numbers (director ID), using the Australian Business Registry Services (ABRS) website.

This unique 15-digit identifier only takes minutes to apply online, but will stay with a director for life, offering greater identity security. Director ID will help to level the playing field for honest businesses, saving time and delivering on the Morrison Government’s commitment to cut red tape for businesses.

Directors will keep the same director ID as they move between different roles, businesses and even countries. Acting as a unique identifier for every director, Director ID not only paves the way for streamlined experiences in the future but offers directors greater confidence that they are protected from fraud and illegal activity today.

To apply, directors can simply log into ABRS online using the myGovID app. The online application form takes minutes to complete and their director ID is issued instantly. It is free to apply, and available to directors within Australia and overseas. Applications are available by phone and by paper, for those who need it.

Director ID is just the first of many business-focused solutions that will be delivered as part of the Modernising Business Registers (MBR) program, led by the Australian Taxation Office in partnership with Australian Securities and Investments Commission and other partner agencies. Announced in 2020 as part of the Morrison Government’s Digital Business Plan, MBR will bring together more than 30 government registry services to streamline and simplify how businesses interact with government.

Director ID will help to create a fairer business environment by improving data integrity, creating greater confidence in directors’ identities, and allowing earlier identification of director involvement in unlawful practices, such as illegal phoenix activity. Director ID will help to prevent false and fraudulent director identities, which ensures business owners doing the right thing get a fair go.

It will make doing business easier, faster and safer.

From now until April 2022 new directors have 28 days to apply for a director ID from the date of their appointment, and there are transitional arrangements in place for existing directors to help make the onboarding process as easy as possible. More information about when directors need to apply can be found on the ABRS website.

The application process has been rigorously tested during a private beta phase to ensure it is functional and fit-for-purpose. Now in public beta, testing and trials are continuing in the live environment, and the website will continually be improved over time to create the best possible experience.

Further information about the MBR program and director IDs can be found at the ABRS website.