Opinion piece: Labor’s reforms to attract and de-risk more investment

This month’s Budget is all about addressing inflation and cost‑of‑living pressures in the here‑and‑now, at the same time as we build a more productive, dynamic and resilient economy.

Opinion piece: Budgeting for a bigger focus on economic security

Australia can be a primary beneficiary of the churn and change in the global economy, but only if we make ourselves indispensable to the net zero transformation and only if we align our economic an

Opinion piece: Future Made in Australia will drive our place in new global economy

A big focus of meetings with ministerial counterparts, central bank governors and the key global economic institutions in Washington DC this week will be the economic uncertainty that comes from ri

Opinion piece: Sustained support to help with the cost of living

We know many Australians are strapped right now. Inflation is coming down but high prices are still hurting.

Opinion piece: Inflation fight vital but Budget also plans for future

Each budget involves its own unique series of fine balances to ensure the fiscal settings are suited to the times and suited to the economic challenges of the day.

Opinion piece: Labor is modernising the economy

The Albanese Government’s reform agenda is about modernising our economy and maximising our opportunities to make our people, businesses and industries beneficiaries of the big changes underway in

Opinion piece: Helping WA workers earn more and keep more

One of the reasons we spent time in the West this week is because we are big believers in the workers and communities of WA and that’s why they are front and centre in our economic plan.

Opinion piece: Labor’s tax changes are relief and reform

In making the changes to the stage three tax cuts we announced last week the Government did not choose between relief OR reform, we chose relief AND reform.

Opinion piece: Labor's tax cuts - more money for middle Australia

If you’re reading the paper as part of your morning ritual before heading to work or getting home from night shift, you’re one of millions of Australians who will receive a substantial tax cut in 2

Opinion piece: Better tax cuts with an economic dividend

From July 1 this year, the Albanese Labor Government will reform the tax system to deliver tax cuts for every Australian taxpayer.


Opinion piece: Responsible economic management key to our entire agenda

In a little over 18 months, the Albanese Government has helped engineer a historic budget turnaround.

Opinion piece: Super must deliver in retirement

Superannuation stands as one of our nation’s great public policy achievements.

Opinion piece: Nation's productivity demands fairness in merger process

Next year marks the 50th anniversary of a ground-breaking piece of legislation that shaped the modern Australian economy.

Opinion piece: Making sense of the moments that shape our country

We know these are difficult times for many people.

Opinion piece: Budget buffers

Twelve months ago, today Katy Gallagher and I handed down the first Budget of the Albanese Labor Government.

Opinion piece: Cost-of-living measures are Labor's main priority

Even with the referendum campaign and conflicts in the Middle East and Europe dominating the headlines, the Albanese Government has maintained its primary focus on bread‑and‑butter issues affecting

Opinion piece: Vote Yes for better listening and better outcomes

Queensland is the only state in the Commonwealth that is home to the two oldest, living, continuous cultures in the world.

Opinion piece: An opportunity we can’t afford to miss

This Voice referendum is a generational opportunity to do things differently and do things better for the first of us, in a way that could lift all of us up together.

Opinion piece: Employment target must be inclusive as well as sustainable

The concept of full employment is not just central to our Employment White Paper, Working Future, it is a cornerstone of the Albanese Government’s entire approach.

Opinion piece: Yes to recognition, better listening and better outcomes

The Voice is about constitutional recognition, better listening and better outcomes. It’s as simple and straightforward as that.