Opinion piece: Super must deliver in retirement

Superannuation stands as one of our nation’s great public policy achievements.

Opinion piece: Nation's productivity demands fairness in merger process

Next year marks the 50th anniversary of a ground-breaking piece of legislation that shaped the modern Australian economy.

Opinion piece: Making sense of the moments that shape our country

We know these are difficult times for many people.

Opinion piece: Budget buffers

Twelve months ago, today Katy Gallagher and I handed down the first Budget of the Albanese Labor Government.

Opinion piece: Cost-of-living measures are Labor's main priority

Even with the referendum campaign and conflicts in the Middle East and Europe dominating the headlines, the Albanese Government has maintained its primary focus on bread‑and‑butter issues affecting

Opinion piece: Vote Yes for better listening and better outcomes

Queensland is the only state in the Commonwealth that is home to the two oldest, living, continuous cultures in the world.

Opinion piece: An opportunity we can’t afford to miss

This Voice referendum is a generational opportunity to do things differently and do things better for the first of us, in a way that could lift all of us up together.

Opinion piece: Employment target must be inclusive as well as sustainable

The concept of full employment is not just central to our Employment White Paper, Working Future, it is a cornerstone of the Albanese Government’s entire approach.

Opinion piece: Yes to recognition, better listening and better outcomes

The Voice is about constitutional recognition, better listening and better outcomes. It’s as simple and straightforward as that.

Opinion piece: The Voice is an investment in a better future

With the Prime Minister yesterday setting October 14 as the date for the referendum, more West Australians will now be turning their mind to the question of the Voice to Parliament.

Opinion piece: The Voice to help more Aussies share in fair go

With the Prime Minister yesterday setting October 14, 2023, as the date for the referendum, more North Queenslanders will now be turning their mind to the question of the Voice to parliament.

Opinion piece: Intergenerational Report is about owning our future

The Intergenerational Report I release today is about identifying the big shifts that will shape our economy into the future.

Opinion piece: We must deal with the now and have an eye on the future

Cost of living is the major pressure on Australian households and the Albanese Government’s major focus, but we also know it’s important to keep an eye on the long term.

Opinion piece: The future is in our hands

This week the Albanese Government will release the 2023 Intergenerational Report, providing a longer‑term view of our economy, our budget and our society over the next 40 years and helping to shine

Opinion piece: Full employment debate welcome and overdue

The recent debate about full employment and how we define it has come at an important and welcome time.

Opinion piece: Queensland the key to creating new opportunities in the new economy

To make our economy more profitable and prosperous in the future, we need to rethink what it means to be a resources powerhouse – finding new sources of growth in the shift to cleaner, cheaper ener

Opinion piece: We’re laying stronger foundations for a better future

We know these are difficult times for many Australians. Grocery prices and mortgage repayments are going up, and household budgets are feeling the squeeze.

Opinion piece: Confident, but not complacent, about our banks

The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank in the US and the takeover of Credit Suisse has sent waves through global financial markets over the past month but Australian banks are well‑

Opinion piece: Global volatility underlines challenges for Budget

The Budget that we’ll hand down in less than 40 days is being developed in a complex environment here at home and in the global economy more broadly.

Opinion piece: We need to stick to the plan to beat rising costs

Australians don’t need to be told there’s a cost-of-living challenge in the economy right now.