24 August 2015

New grants program for North Sydney


This media release discusses the Commonwealth Government’s Stronger Communities Program grants which will benefit the electorate of North Sydney.

The electorate of North Sydney is set to benefit from the Commonwealth Government’s Stronger Communities Program which will deliver up to $300,000 over two years to fund small capital projects that benefit the local community.

This is an exciting opportunity for local communities to identify potential projects which will contribute to the electorate’s long term vibrancy.

A community consultative committee, involving representatives from local Government and the community, will identify priority projects and ensure this funding delivers the best possible outcomes for our community.

Following community consultation, incorporated not-for-profit and local government organisations will be invited to apply for funding of at least $5,000, up to a maximum of $20,000, and must provide matching cash or in-kind funding on at least a dollar for dollar basis.

Applications recommended for grant funding would be assessed against the Programme Guidelines by the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development to ensure that approved projects represent value for money. 

Further information about the Programme can be found online or by phoning the Treasurer’s office on 02 9929 9822.